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Low country floods easily in Florence could drop over a foot of rain before it's all over the hurricane downgraded from a category. Four storm to a category. Two with maximum sustained winds of one hundred ten miles an hour, but it size has grown to three hundred miles across Daniel Brown at the National Hurricane Center. The winds will increase as we get into the afternoon and overnight hours with winds reach hurricane strength and portions of the coast we're expecting a life threatening storm surge along the coat landfall still expected tonight or early tomorrow just days after the departure of CBS CEO last moon vez, Jeff Fager is out as executive. Producer of sixty minutes. He's been terminated after a threatening taxed to correspondent Eureka Dunkin. She's been reporting on sexual misconduct at this network. And allegations of an abusive atmosphere at the news magazine through his attorney Fager told CBS news they terminated my contract early because I sent a text message to one of our own CBS reporters demanding that she be fair and covering the story. My language was harsh CBS did not like it and outside firm is investigating claims made in the New Yorker magazine. Protesters in Dallas at a city council meeting demanding the city set up an independent police review board to investigate the shooting death of a black man by a white police officer officer amber Geiger, claims she mistook Botham John's apartment for her own and thought he was a burglar hashtag old rock alert. Archaeologists say they've made a historic find in a cave in South Africa live to CBS's. Vicki Barker, it's a small flake of stone with a criss of lines in red pigment at after seven years of scientific analysis. Archaeologists have concluded the marks could only have been made by human hands seventy three thousand years ago, making this ancient hashtag, the oldest known example of human drawing. What scientists may never know is just what these mysterious lines mean Debra.

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