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Yeah, we you know. When I left the military, I really took me a while to transition from that lifestyle, and from that sort of you know service kind of oriented community that you build and I really miss that Camaraderie. I miss the Grind Event I missed a lot of what you. You experience that with my first ever professional career and I think people. People often say to me talk about the transition from the military into civilian life and I think that people have an impression that you because disciplined because of the skill set. Because this year you get military that that's sort of an easily applicable law civilian life, but actually like the spirit of the lifestyle I think is what's really hard to transition, and that's quite a bit different very emotional. And I was looking for that back in my life after a few years being out so that open house at the Volunteer Fire Department. You know seemed like a a great way to. Consider just another opportunity to kind of bring. The public service read back into my life and and I found it, and not only did I find that, but I've found that inflation with other huge part of my life, which is just an interest in Venice and training. It's crazy. How these doors closed and open is an aunt were speaking with Sarah car. I know that you're not just doing this to get rich. You're helping people, and and with that in mind, the Stephen Siller tunnel to towers foundation with F, the N. Y.. You take part of the money you send it that way, right? Yeah, so a percentage of our sales of our hoses, Antar training, our APP training and our live online workouts goes towards the Stephen Siller Foundation and this is. This is an extraordinary foundation, because that story is amazing to Stephen Siller was a firefighter children, nine eleven We're obviously based in new. York right in his backyard and so last spring we we looked to have a charitable organization that was doing incredible work nationally, and they support veterans wounded veterans fallen first responders. They're not supporting three million dollars. Support is going to frontline healthcare workers and the covert nineteen crisis, so it just goes on and on with Ciller family in his. Memory by starting this and it just seemed like the perfect match for us and. You know to be a collaborator to make an impact going forward, so I hope you know the more we grow, the more. You get out there in the world, people can the more support that we provide the people who need it, so it seems like when. So. Let's talk about the uses of the steel hose because it's a Dumbbell, it's a kettle bell. It's a medicine ball. It's a lot of things, isn't it? I like to say five tools and one. That's my tagline for insurance, or just the application of this, so you know when you look at what you can do with a three put but pizza firehose that's with a semi rigid structure with this great grip to it, and you can layer that on the body you can lift it. You can swing it. You can drag it. You can even talk that you can do partner work. You can link them together with the GROMIT. On the end you can place that gromit onto a table column now becomes only waited resistance. Handle this out there on the market and so. This really is one tool in which you can link movements together and create complexes that are, you cannot create in any other way, and that becomes very special for the sports performance You know of training world, because if you're a ELAX, you're you know a? Sport an athlete that works at a stick and a ball or an athlete that works at a lot of rotation any kind of equipment. Any kind of power based training like that's what you're looking for is optimizing you know. Lincoln, they'd move in together and creating these complexes so when it comes to that basic strength conditioning curriculum, we can create one with the steel hose. That's that opens up new possibilities that we literally never had before. And you know it's fun to record. I'm I'm learning from my own training team. So I went out and found the best partners in the industry I went to the very top last spring the people. I admired the most as pro athlete and. And celebrity trainers who are now my partners who developed the Training Curriculum Jason Walsh Devon Wiggins, Amberg Oppor, and these athletes and coaches are the people who are now delivering our curriculum to the world with the steel hose and I I'm having fun learning from them. Because of course I'm the military gal athletes but I you know this is not exercise. Science is not a richly my or de ser, background, and passion, and I found that through this through this invention, and so that all those partnerships and all those uses and applications have become this really explosive special big thing you know that we're looking to carry forward and refine, and just you know and bring to athletes everywhere. Very cool, and of course nowadays if you're going to hit the market big time like you have you need an APP and I know you've put a lot of time into the happen how that helps you with the workouts? Yeah, so we have developed an APP that has a little bit library that all your listeners can download for free, and you can see one hundred and fifty movements right off the bat that you can do the steel hose, and then we also have a custom portion of that. APP when he could become a member with us. You know month to month. And you can work with these trainers who have come on board and or my directors training now Devon right into number. COPPARD develop all the training. You get on the APP when you open that up. And what was interesting what I realized in reflecting? Allow your questions about the origin story. You know I didn't realize that you know the product education and I'm really educating people because it's like truly a brand new genre of training, you know it's a different kind of relate train, free weight and resistance training the different kind of set movement patterns we can create. The education piece is huge, and it's a huge mountain to climb and I totally respect that you know somebody will pick up a steal cool, and then they're like what do i. And I'm like fair enough. You know he's Firoz. I got it and we've tried on the APP to just deliver the the basic movements. If you want to really understand the dynamics, the best, and then also deliver rate workouts pro pre-programmed. You know for everyone so that taking just like you know, start getting the benefit of the start gaining the value the value, the athletic value so I'm psyched about our and you got more people downloading that eating it. Just have about a minute last question for you. What's it like when you put something out there to the fitness community and they have one eyebrow raise like this is a shake, weight or a thigh master, and then it's embraced, and then it has praised. What does that you know? How does that feel to know that? This thing is been accepted and people really liked.

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