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Proclaimed and that has not happened yet news brought to you by Johnny flaming gourmet foods traffic and weather next no hi Michael Jennifer P. A. I. medical and my friend Michael Ramsey know you've heard me talk about the great nonsurgical options for hair loss for me it was laser therapy there's another non surgical solution making a tremendous difference it's called P. R. P. P. R. P. is a nutrient rich plasma extracted from your blood then concentrated before being reintroduced your scalp and it works now which option is best for you sit down with Michael Ramsey for yourself the expert at P. A. I. medical in Brentwood three seven six six to ten six one five three seven six sixty to an online it we grow hair dot com. it's cutting into your exercise time it's stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind its pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live CBT medic target your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBT medic available online and at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. let's talk for a minute about stock market volatility hi Rick Adelman here you can expect to see market volatility but don't let it frighten you out of your investment and retirement accounts now I'm not making light of volatility we get it it's unsettling but volatility is really simply a routine part of long term investing and the best way for you to avoid stock market volatility don't have all your money in stocks that's why here that woman financial engines were careful to give our clients highly diversified portfolios placing only a portion of assets into stocks this helps give you the confidence that stock market volatility is really nothing to get concerned about we've been helping thousands of clients just like you for thirty three years so come talk with us at Adleman financial engines and let us help put your market worries aside call us a triple eight plane wreck.

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