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With, arguably one of the greatest opening riffs and Classic Rock Barracuda was written by Anna Nancy Wilson together with Guitarist Roger Fisher and Drummer Michael Derosier. It was written at a time when there was friction between the band and their label to put things mildly. The song appears on the album little queen their first album with CBS. Portrait. Records. They'd left their old label mushroom records after a contract dispute and mushroom was none too happy. Because according to mushroom heart owed them a second album. They not only sued the band for breach of contract and try to block the release of the CBS album but released magazine an album made up of songs that Hart had recorded but didn't think we're good enough to release as well as some live recordings needed to get it up to album length. The dispute dragged on and eventually the court decided that heart was free to sign with a new label but mushroom was indeed a second album. So. Heart went back to the studio to rerecord remix edit and re sequence the magazine recordings in a marathon session over four days. A court ordered guard actually stood nearby to make sure the master tapes weren't being erased. Heart eventually came out on top. As not only did the album little queen outsell magazine by a wide margin. The debacle gave the band the distinction of having all three of their albums on the charts at the same time. The court case wasn't the only reason. The Wilson Sisters in company were mad at mushroom records. After the first album became a million seller mushroom took out a full page ad in rolling stone touting the band's success using the headline million to one shot sells a million. No problem so far. The AD looks like the front page of a tabloid newspaper and included a photo from the Dream Boat Anne album cover shoot. The caption read. Hearts Wilson Sisters confess it was only our first time. Implying the sisters had an incestuous lesbian affair. Shortly. After this ad appeared a Detroit radio promoter asked an Wilson where her was. She assumed he meant her then boyfriend band manager Michael Fisher. But when the reporter clarified, he was referring to her sister Nancy and was understandably outraged and retreated to her hotel room to write. When she related the incident to Nancy to was outraged and join an in the writing session, contributing a melody and bridge. Nancy puts suitably angry music to the word to complete the song comparing the sleazy side of the Music Biz to a dangerous ill like fish. The song became an enduring classic and Barracuda remains one of the band's signature songs. Vera Khuda was test to another incident of severe irritation for the Wilson Sisters at. Against in two thousand eight. During that year's presidential campaign the song was used as the unofficial theme song for Republican Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin. The ALASKAN governor had apparently earned the nickname, Sarah? Barracuda as a high school basketball player for her competitive nature. The day after the song was played at the National Convention Anna. Nancy Wilson issued a statement reading. The. Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song nor would they have been granted that permission? We have asked the Republican campaign publicly not to use our music. We hope our wishes will be honored. Their wishes were not honored. As the Republican campaign pointed out, they had obtained the proper performance rights to the song from the record label and were under no obligation to get any further permission to use it. The Bar for performance rights being somewhat lower than the bar for commercial or video rights. With no legal recourse. The Wilson Sisters retaliated in the media telling entertainment weekly. Sarah Palin views and values in no way represent us as American women. We. Ask that our Song Barracuda no longer be used to promote her image. The Song Barracuda was written in the late seventy s as a scathing rant against the soloist corporate nature of the music business particularly for women. While, heart did not and would not authorize the use of their song the RNC. There's irony Republican strategists choice to make use of it. They're. The. Songs Co writer Roger Fisher was also anti Palin but he saw things differently telling Reuters. He was thrilled that the song was being used as it was a win win situation. He explained that while heart gets publicity and royalties the Republicans benefit from the ingenious placement of a kick ass. Song. He added that he would use some of the proceeds in a donation to the Obama campaign and thus the Republicans are now supporting Obama. See Kids. There's always a silver lining if we look for it. The inimitable late great Freddie Mercury of queen penned another musical hate letter though this one is better known to fans who owned the album a night at the opera, which this reporter should still have on vinyl around here somewhere. As the song death on two legs was never released as a single and didn't really get radio play. This track was dedicated to Norman Sheffield. Queens former manager and CO owner of Trident Studios. Mercury himself described the lyrics as quote. So vindictive that Brian May guitarist backup vocals felt bad singing it. It opens with the line..

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