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And he's throwing the ball I think really accurately and he is athletic. But I also think like Ryan Finley and Cincinnati hit the wall like a key. Just couldn't handle it now allen down in Carolina came back with a really big game. This past did a great defense. Yeah and you know he did it on the road in New Orleans and everybody ready now. Okay Cowan maybe. He has a little bit of that. What you need to have a couple of bad games and then come back and play good? I mean Sam Darnold has it. You could see it right. Yeah of course because I mean he was in I mean the tank. He was an as deep as you can go. Yep and they just kept throwing them out there. There was no alternative. You are playing some and you're playing through it. And he played through it to his credit. So that's that that that is an important part of the makeup of quarterback and I like to think that Daniel Jones has that too. I just I don't want Daniel Jones to half the learn another offense again next year. I want him to have at least another year of this offense. This Sam Darnold just went through exactly that right. What socks yeah? I guess but the same time. Todd Bowles is in the guy then. Todd Bowles isn't the guy I'd rather switch the offense and get it over with RIPA bandaid off as opposed to sticking with a coach. I don't think it's going to be a winner. If that's the way the giants feel about it. So and if they end up going to fourteen and end the season a twelve game losing streak there will not go to and fourteen I. I don't know how you bring the guy back. They're not gonna be able to fourteen. I Y you so confident about that. Well because the dolphins and the redskins on their schedule so the dolphins are better homes. Here they better not lose to those who teams. That's essentially what it comes down to go to Washington. Yeah the lose one of those. They'll lose one in Twain. Haskins taking selfies Assad line before the game's over. Yeah but as the because Zi one you see Dwayne Haskins Buddy said you know it shows a lot that Twain Haskins cares about the fans..

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