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I'm happy I'm able to team up with them. So be able to do and we can vote obviously for you. I think it's Nick Chubb Christian. McCaffrey the three ground nominees. You want to make a little closing Bush for why it should be you. You turn on the tape or else so I appreciate everybody's vote so yeah week. Seventeen you guys are fighting to get into the playoffs. You also nick shove it already played had a good game. Were you aware during that game. How close you were to the rushing title and you guys ended up blowing out the Texan so I wonder if at some point in the game you can focus on all right? We got this wind. Can I get the rushing title. Go along with US getting into the playoffs. I think my teammates and the one I was trying to track it so close to me. They're like hey you're you're just you're just yards away so we're on a Dr When I got it. Oh I can't do this. You got one more play you coming out and then it mostly Three so both teams chiefs and niners. They don't have a back like that they just give the ball to us more running back by committee. How much harder is at two split carries carries? And you can't really get in the Florida game. I just think every back is different in every SIS is different how they run their job how they do this and running back by committee. WHO's hot? You know you you stay with that guy. I don't think they do a great job as far as running back. So my committee early in your correct correct. And then when Dion Lewis and I WANNA follow up there for a second anyone that scene your high school highlights..

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