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The affect being communicated by that you're listening to the words in the story, and then you're listening to your body's reaction to it. And I could really tell how my body reacted to just tell me which is telling me that it's one of these when Iraq like that. I knew it was one of two things. It was either multiple or or bogus one of the other, and and I just had a feeling I know it's when you're talking about call your time because I had this very strong thing. I thought, oh no, this one's multiple. I just tell that. So is it? Are you detecting the switch in personality that the person has, or are you getting that this person has this disorder before they. Switch personalities before they switch. So that's incredible, which I, there's something about them. I, they tell me about their trauma or something, or they seem dissociate in some way to me. And again, that disconnect, I feel like literally in my body and so that informs me what is dissociated mean for people who do is what happens in the in the setting of trauma essentially when when when the you know we have these was called his Jacksonian dissolution, which is our our body as we get more and more stressed or distressed. We break down into lower and lower sort of strategies within our evolutionary biology. So we start with fighter flight. If we get if we get about to attack with Ghafur flight. And then we go from fighter flight to freeze, which is a freeze response, which is sort of a way of conserving energy and then -ticipant attack when you can't escape this, it's apparently a high level survival. And then finally, there's psychological sort of survival, which is with the dissociating from the situation. People describe hovering above it or blacking out, or you know, kinds of different ways and young kids that are severely traumatized when their body is the source of the misery will sort of cut off and dissociate from their body. Interesting. And and then their body becomes all kinds of trouble to us attorney later, not just from the manifestation of medical problems, but they the experience, everything that comes out of their bodies as overwhelming and disorganized. So they'll they, they'll describe it as pain or misery. They can't quite get it when you these. Unfortunately, the my profession isn't really taught on this, but I spent a lot of time working with people like this, and I just found you have to stop them. Go stop, put exactly. It would exact. They'll just go pain, pain, pain, pain pain do you? Okay. Hold on. Hold on. You said pain, but then you describe weakness, so, so let's go here. What is this? And you have to really break it down for them because they can't process. They just overwhelms them, and there's a part of the brain called the insular cortex. That probably is the source of all that chaotic. Misery, men and literally litter. When we dissociate your, your brain doesn't wire. So trauma therapies are all about getting access to those disconnected parts and bringing them back into the integrated whole. So the fighter flight, that's anxiety. Lot of people have that right among other things that can be an executive for fighter flight is literally a, you know, it's a auto Nommik, sympathetic on response. Anxiety includes a sympathetic response..

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