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Kick everybody's in agreement getting ugly hitting really when does did it what are you gonna force there what do you have oh two a four touchdown favorite wealth is out the only game in the sec on bluegrass today after mad me breakdowns caused kentucky went against florida casket eastern michigan it is just another day but it's not just another day fifty years ago today became change permanently and for the better in the sec maria taylor joins us to celebrate the daewoo and a half a century ago the color barrier was broken in the sec maria please though right reefs and ultimately that change came down to exactly three minutes seventeen seconds at that time frame that represents sacrifice at the timeframe represents forward thing of course the courageous player decided to take the field and ultimately his position and college football history this making history going to help a lot of athletes society in general to understand the importance of this moment you must understand the importance of these no i'm about to sign into law the civil rights act 1960 the 19th 65 the nation's did at a crossroads social inequality ignited the civil rights movement and while changed swept the nation the sec remained segregated conference kentucky governor ned breath it new integration needed to happen henry recruited kentucky high school football star name northington to be the league's pioneer they knew that they needed to integrate the sec the kentucky should be first because in the northernmost state and i think that they wanted me to come specifically because i felt that i have the qualifications northington wooden carry the burden alone university of kentucky also sign greg page to help bring the fcc color barrier.

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