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George, Noory last night tonight's can be. An amazing night I'm so excited about, Peter Lavina taymor but that diminished so good evening Mr. and, MRs middle America all the ships at sea Thank you all the. Hostile alien arby's hovering silently behind their, cloaking devices just outside the earth's atmosphere remember eat the Canadians, first much tastier better healthcare However I make an exception to that I, had tonight I, was at a friend Tom Denny's house so and he smoked a chub now I think I think Glenn. People know Trump is also, a fish but, a Chubb of Bellona is a big giant honk of of Baloney And then you then you smoke that? For I think he said five hours Oh my God It was delicious If you haven't. Done it smoked bologna, is pretty good but you smoke it all in a big chub and then you cut it into like. Half inch slices so. It's really thick, it was just. It was amazing To his dinner companion who I think is a state, secret I'm not supposed to mention her she was delightful. To but it was running a little late tonight to. Get into coast to coast but it's all good because Peter. Levin is an old friend know, you know Peter Lavina he's a frequent guest on coast to coast he has a new book coming, out in the fall so he'll be back on later on with his new book, probably not on with me either. But I asked him to come back on and talk about his book from a couple years ago rat line. Because everybody crazy, about this hunting Hitler show that's on the history channel and I've watched a few episodes. It's very history channel and they create little mysteries that they try to solve, by the end of the show but you know. Peter Levin does research on this. Is much more chilling, and I think much more cogent and so for those of you who've been following hunting Hitler on history. Channel I think you. Would need to join me tonight In. Revisiting rat line, that'll be next hour and we'll we'll we'll talk about how did Hitler get out of. Germany and where he ended up which is a slightly different thesis than in, the history channel show but I think better documented Easily more understood and and terrifying if. If Peter Lavina is right It just it'll shake you to your core on who you think you can believe about. A, story like this and we'll do that coming up next hour I it does challenge some of the facts that they've presented on hunting. Hitler, to which would make that show perhaps more interesting to watch and and then we'll also see if he can, give us a little preview about his next big book coming up but it's the kind of stuff that will give you nightmares if that won't then wait till you hear what's jumping on you in about three minutes when we go to crypto news next on coast to coast AM this is he in on.

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