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Seven WABC out got a great show lined up for you today city of great stellar guest list we do we've got for great gas everybody from dole hike into bill rightly to Doris Kearns Goodwin to one angry Kieran Lauer one of my favorite local politicians well took exception to be calling a loud mouth yesterday with the great Nick line or the cell be a very spirited Thursday on morning show here on Bernie and said he's not as angry as though hi can I get days off but I don't like it has every right to be angry yes and so yeah he was he had a confrontation with one of the ISIS bride Congress women who he's going to tell us all about it was to leave and he was thrown out of what was university on Saturday night he was just on fox news literally ten minutes ago I called him I said Hey come on with Bernie and I he's like I'd love to will be stopping by about fifteen minutes yes she tweeted out something about the death of a Palestinian young man in a in a water well or something and she blamed it on a herd of Israeli settlers or something and of course it turned out it was a it was an accident the kid wasn't murdered but whatever she didn't respond she didn't she tweeted deleted the tweet which he did apologize all and of course none of the other the brave hearts in the congressional delegation especially from New York to Jewish guys like Schumer Nadler XIV Max rose no but mixed up mac nobody says anything and don't like is very upset about all that so I will say this Michael Jackson he was well macaulay Culkin he spoke out about the Michael Jackson he says Hey he never did anything to me because I before we talked he said that to esquire magazine yeah do you don't believe all no maybe in coal constraints so he didn't go maybe just give a call the millions and millions of dollars but we've heard this from called him before because he was a huge huge store at the time home alone was a little kid and he was one of the little kids that was hanging out with Michael Jackson quite a bit he's always denied the rumors for many many years it doesn't mean that because it didn't happen to him or he got paid off the Michael Jackson is innocent okay well at work if if anybody why wouldn't happen to him they they spent a lot of time together he did say that maybe Michael knew because he was a big name that he should probably stay away from that one maybe had a moment of a clarity I don't know he says it's the truth he never did anything to me I never saw him do anything why would I hold it back if I had some to speak up about I would totally do it but no I never saw anything he never did anything that's macaulay Culkin well I believe those two men and never finding Neverland do you really yeah totally okay all right well I listen so many details a list and you present coke in one case and we've got thirty others that say he did something so the numbers don't doubled well for macaulay Culkin niceties loyal to Michael was long dead of course and out of my anniversary June twenty fifth but the numbers don't bode well for Culkin or for Michael Jackson which is run the Ferris wheel just playing with bubbles that's all have a looking cookies no touching no nothing for a well known figure out if he was a child abuser he is no no **** Michael Jackson anyway McCauley call look more entertainment news you have Snoop Dogg's out there of course infamously last week we played the audio Gail came with W. NBA star Lisa Leslie I'm asking questions he was that she was a friend of Kobe Bryant's and the Gayle king was that peppering her with questions about the the two thousand three incident the sexual assault that was dropped etcetera etcetera anyway Snoop Dogg reacted very very savagely towards a gale K. that affect an abbreviated version this is what he said okay okay we people you may come after Harvey Weinstein asking them don't ask questions I guess sickly young I want to call you one funky don't hit the edge how do you turn towards my mom at home was reputation part one of respect the family back home DH before we come DH well how is that the better than a Cup of coffee to wake you up what what is it we you people what is that yeah and and and and the beat you never say the a hobby once and I take that as a big anti semitism all installed height and about those black and white but it was fun why do I need a black watch Oprah Winfrey was on the today show and she was very rattled listen to her she is not doing well because she has now death threats and has to travel with security and she's feeling very much attacked Cosby is is reading from jail and she's not she's not doing well and feels that she was put in a really terrible position because that interview had already ran so she never mentions the bony **** Snoop Dogg just the general of deference however that was the very public one very savage one as I said earlier so I don't know long who or why or you know there's somebody got got to snow but this what he said yesterday I'm a non violent person when I say what I see I spoke to the people felt like it was very disrespectful towards Kobe Bryant in his family now with that being said what I look like one some harm to come to a seventy year old one I was raise way better than that I don't know no more look on her I didn't threaten her all I did was say check it out you out of pocket for which you don't want to we want you to have a little bit more respect for the NASA her babies in Kobe Bryant's latest liner he threatened her I don't know yeah throw dirty Coulter dog care Debbie weren't always not necessary maybe some advertisers that he works for because he does you know has to make a living somebody may have gone too but that that that apology will suffice this will disappear and you'll see snow but Jimmy Kimmel and all the comedy shows and they'll treat him like the like that the hero that he has like the you know this the role model that this new drug is but not as funny as it is will disappear it it doesn't exist I don't know you got the audio we talked about a few days but in the world out there no one talking about Snoop Dogg yeah right I mean it's it's entertaining stop but it's great that we have it but it's not a huge thing with people like all my god Snoop Dogg needs to be held accountable so it's already disappeared yeah that's right but it lands on but that's what why I do what I do yeah because I hold these a low lives accountable where the other people are not even open not even Gail king's best friend couldn't bring herself to name Snoop Dogg by name but he's a lowlife piece who got it not a fact he attacked once is a pattern of behavior for example with Colby he didn't have a pattern of behavior with the raping women or whatever but this was us new pro once again with Iggy azalea listener say **** you for with the wrong name in your name to better check you for why do you keep each year you so he threatened her as well I mean and and and and everything's good it's all good it's all good no problem why is that because he smokes weed that's one that's close we bother when you smoke we don't act supposed to become a laid back and chill yeah very angry with me about exactly this William let me just say that if kid rock did or said anything like that about a fellow female musician or all morning a female morning TV started playing trump totally cancelled forever totally cancel but that this guy will go on and on IT perpetuities teflon is what he is unlike this other guy this hockey analyst you know this guy Jeremy Roenick knows Jeremy Roenick no doing generally very very well but I actually started Catherine toppings career I've got the story for you she's working in in NBC and in the NHL really because of me all right well this is what he said on a podcast this guy it with a fairly well listen you decide if it's harmless or not this is what he said in a pocket word to pull one day and and Portugal and down the Algarve and it's a small little pool and swimming with my wife and Catherine and they get their bikinis on send this this older lady was sitting there with her husband she's staring us the whole time she walked right into the pool and because she's like that they are they both with you and I said yes they are and then Catherine give your life to Catherine says we shut up this year she starts yelling at me because I play it off like the you know we're going to bed together all every night the three and now if if it if it really came to fruition that would really be really be good but it's never going to happen so remember is a former NHL got big time NHL up there and I was one of the one of the greatest American hockey players ever over five hundred goals and Chicago Phoenix I mean Jeremy Roenick is considered one of the best players to ever come out of this country so like Snoop dog he apologizes listeners I want to take this opportunity to apologize to NBC sports Kathryn Tappen Patrick sharp Anson Carter for some insensitive comments they made on a recent podcast I never meant to offend anyone and I definitely went too far for that I deeply regret it I've called everybody involved and I'm so thankful for their loving and gracious acceptance of my apologies that sit there you go like snow everything everything should be fine right yeah what is your fault and I don't get well apparently NBC put pressure on them end of side one BC it was curious I have no idea I read the story and it doesn't indicate that she got but you know what things happen behind the scenes but there wasn't a happy ending no he's a policy not which I know is gone he posted this yesterday I'm very disappointed and angry today I will not be returning to NBC and though disappoint him also grateful they've had the opportunity to share my love my passion my knowledge of the game with millions of people millions of fans so a tale of two adults NBC's funny how they they their soul of all the networks of course they've been bought her the most Matt Lauer and all these people even the sports side so they're very very very very careful but he did do anything on the other hand I don't recall the this happened I didn't see anything about about her complaining sounds good friends she was on vacation yeah as as that he stated in the podcasters on vacation they were having a good time is make is cracking a joke so what are you I don't remember this Bernie but years ago we want I miss and I was doing television a Chelsea piers C. S. TV college sports television which is not the CBS network was a big deal I did a football show you member this party with Scott Zolak they put a plate on their actually Scott Zolak and and a host of others I did a basketball show with Seth Greenberg baseball show with Ron don't it was the height of my career you would be and I miss doing the midday show doing CST be long story short they contact me one day to come in for a special three day show it's going to be their version of American idol and they took to wanted kids with no experience around the country gave these kids an opportunity over three days to impress a panel of judges and get a job at Nessun up in Boston the four judges were me gusta Johnson Brian Baldinger and body burns team building make a long story short of the two hundred kids that tried out but this position at the three days notice the New England sports network about right is what lessons and that's what she started up in Boston a became a big stone in BC of the two hundred kids that tried out of this American idol C. S. TV show Kathryn Tappen was the winner and it was two to one and I was the last vote and I voted for Catherine ever vacation we started a career ever vacation with reports of a well you'll have to buy the book other birdied sigil as I mentioned and said mentioned dole hike and coming up at six twenty five he's angry New York state assemblyman Kieran along of this of no cash bail was getting out of hand Doris Kerns Goodwin bill o'reilly keep right here no new York's talk station talk radio seventy seven WABC ladies and gentlemen.

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