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And just come at it and say that everybody else is wrong and i'm right and that's why the star wars prequels are fantastic or whatever you know and it's just it's it's click bait it's just there to get people angry about things and it's those usually zero to no thought put into any of that kind of garbage so i don't know is online the best place for foam criticism these days yeah there's some great stuff still being written but it is it's tough to find in there's a lot of garbage outta sift through i mean thank god for you know people like sam and cat who are doing a great job at the you know the daughters of darkness there are people that are doing great work out there but it's tough to find sometimes i was thinking of how for example this is going to picking up from last paragraph i was thinking of how for example karina longworth you must remember this podcast episode on dorothy streghten only went as far as peter bogdanovich is account of strengthens miserable experience of being on the set of william sexes galaxia something which sacks himself refutes on his commentary for galaxy a source which carina didn't consult or refer to yeah that's a trouble some kind of thing isn't it when there are other things out there and you should at least say this is one thing this is another who are we going to believe and then feel free if you wanna pass judgement and say i have a feeling that it's this account that is real but you know that whole thing of there's how ever many versions of the truth there's his version her version gene simmons version alfredo garcia's version all these versions out there and you just kind of have to make up your own mind but it's nice to present different viewpoints i mean that's one of my favorite things especially when i have to interview subjects that absolutely one hundred percent contradict each other you wanna hear in my opinion a great episode where that happens is go back and listen to the electric liden blew up assode where you get these two guys that to writers on the film who used to be partners who used to work together quite a bit and man they contradict each other almost every turn once as black the other one's white.

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