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Was. Pretty good. Nice little. Short creeping movie. But. No, the nineteen, eighty nine. After midnight I like I said I, remember that box art which was Terror has no curfew. tagline. Out Scott a bobby got bobbies voice. From. King of the hill. That's so weird scroll down the Pamela Abalon. I've said this before probably but. She voices Bobby I cannot home guy cannot reconcile those two like that voice and her face it just doesn't seem like that should happen. But Wow, ooh, marge Helga Burgers in it. I do remember that boxer and I've never seen this movie written and directed by the heat's. Jim and Ken. Saint. Guy That wrote that wrote hitch black the one with the Vin. Diesel. Anyway Way. American rule from London is probably must see for over half for sure the exorcist probably should watch. Nobody gets tired of that. Now Rosemary's baby maybe. was there was a sequel to Rosemary's baby? was there not if there is nothing I've ever seen it it was like Rosemary's toddler. Simple like. Hang on a second I've been finding out lately that there are so many TV shows based off of these popular movies that only lasted for like a couple years you know. I don't think there's a Rosemary's baby. TV show. All there is. Could you possibly? I think that was recent to. look what happened to Rosemary's baby. My also known as Rosemary's baby car to if Bruce Willis does voice for one of the babies I'm going to be very upset. This is a real thing. It was a sequel to Roman. Polanski's nineteen sixty eight film. Rosemary's baby. This premiered ABC Friday night movie October Twenty Nine Nine thousand nine hundred seventy six. Oh, how so much of this stuff has done year that I was born. Let's crazing. The. Only actor to return from the first film was Ruth Gordon. But this has Stephen mchardy oh. Cool. I love Stephen Mackenzie. This might be the oldest movie I've ever heard of with him in it. I. Mean I know it would take a very simple IMDB search. But it's weird to me that he kind of came out of nowhere in already like he's already at a sick. Yeah. But. That's Kinda like Stephen Lang to like he was always like a round and in movies that I liked and I did not really know who he was until. That stupid smurfs movie with the Avatar. Stupid smurfs movie about the smurfs doesn't. Yeah ride dragons. Stephen Mackenzie EGAS back to the seventy s the first thing I Simon was x. files because I think he's one of the later on season. I, think he's one of just the bad guys in suits that might or might not be aliens I duNNo Abbott. Then Pontypool is the only one that I? Yeah. That was really the first one where he's in the movie the whole time you know. which was great. I. Loved that movie great maybe. Very. Creepy that phone call for the gate is like talking in another voice and shit that gave me goosebumps. Let's see Stephen Hattie was in Geronimo. The dark. Not The with I'd William. Denying. Think that's the one I think though. Not The same movie. This one has Brian James and then of course, of course, that's on your Bingo cards guys Yup. Scratch it off your get one step closer to that a prize. Don't say wait until wait until I get to mind because I have got some the drop on you..

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