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Of course. I'm fascinated to see what happens with Dan Jones, and Joe Judge in the New York giants this year. I'm very fascinated by that. I'm Giddy to watch the cardinals like absolutely I cannot wait to watch. This is a player you know pass out on the field and have to go to the hospital under Joe Judges Tutelage there see what are they going to be doing All these jokes off but it feels like things have really calmed down and I don't think the players are as beat up about it as people think because there was like I I just watching some things and observing things recently I don't know we're gonNA find out I I'm super fascinated to see what Jason Garrett Clapper does call him plays for Dan Jones. It's GonNa be fascinating to watch. Joe. Judge is going to be doing Oklahoma drills the in pre-game that's. Yeah I just WANNA. Let another I've canceled every Arizona cardinals game from my television for cutting Akeem the dream butler. The fact that they would betray me like that they despite the fact that Kyla Murray would be the second quarterback I would take if I- redrafting quarterbacks right now have to Patrick Mahomes. I will no longer watch a single cardinals game. I'm going to transition ready to this question real quick because you just gave me a perfect opportunity cedric. Twenty four let me know you guys think of her key Butler does he have a potential to fill the spot win or if Sammy leaves next year or are we concerned? He can't make the roster Arizona I feel like a guy that size with his speed could. Be Andy, Reid weapon I think that Eighteen Butler has all physical traits. Yes. Physical profile to be good player in the NFL. Clearly, he was a very raw prospect coming out I think plenty of people myself included baby underestimated the rawness and I know a lot of people out there didn't thank you could separate and thought he had bad hands. Those things may be relatively. True but I got to the NFL. You taught him how to run routes better than they did Iowa state despite the fact that he was still really good there. He'd be a good weapon I would love the chiefs to bring him in at this point in time you could probably put him on your practice squads doesn't seem like any teams are chomping at the bit. Form if you can put him on a practice squad, get him some work down there. Maybe you have something in the future, it's a low risk high reward play, but I'd love to see Hickey Butler on this team guys that size don't run four nine which is good enough to play in the NFL he brings that contested casualty but also the ability to get deep It's crazy to me that he could only last year with those physical traits when you have other guys that surviving multiple years in the league that can't do either of those things. D Johnston Twenty nine biggest new impact player on offense or defense besides cluttered layer or bill gay boy I'm glad I get to go first on this because there's not any guys. Collect Assembly on offense I think, as long as he's healthy, he's going to be a stud. So I think that he's going to help improve. On the interior of the offensive line, he's going to open holes for Clyde a lot better. He's going to make things more comfortable on Eric Fisher who hasn't necessarily had a solid presence at left guard in ever I mean a long long long time. So I mean, I think that that's going to make a big difference for Fisher as well. Not Worrying about getting beep back inside knowing that. He's got smart help there I just think that that's going to help him. It's going to help writer that I think just by adding him you're just going to strengthen a couple more spots. So I think he's a big impact guy defensively I'm GonNa go with TACO. Charlton. As like Creek said, there's not a ton of option sitting around year for this question given the way cheese played the off. Season but I think Taco Charleston's GonNa get plenty of chances to at least work himself for the rotation I. Don't know where he's going to start in the rotation I don't know if he's the third guy up fourth fifth guy, it's not going to be active I. Don't know yet but I think at some point time during the season, he's going to be able to get on the field and. I like his physical traits quite a bit. Yeah. He asked refined some things he has to keep working and getting better. That's why he was a free agent and he's now on his third team but there's a lot of physical traits there. He's motivated and ready to go I think he could definitely come out have a really good impact. It's similar to Emmanuel Agua did last year for the chiefs. So I think it speaks to the roster itself that. There's not a ton of guys like you know like you guys are saying Antonio Hamilton's one that makes a lot of sense to me personally just because there's a lot of versatility to is game and he's going to be lies Lana airs. Played outside corner, he's played a little bit of safety played in the slot. He's done a lot of different things there. But his special teams value to he is a highly revered special teams player. Dave Tobe is geeked out to have him in the mix. And You know I think you know he's a guy that that potentially could make an impact, but there's just not a ton of guys. This is this is the right back tour this. Lead the running back to her I actually said Antonio Hamilton on another podcast you guys can look for later but oh I I'd spoke very highly of Antonio Hamilton I think that the staff really likes him in that slot safety rule I it may just be the dime role that he gets, which would be about thirty percents of the snaps but I think between the thirty percent of the snaps their and the special teams contributions that he's going to make Antonio. Hamilton. Might be a sneaky big impact player for this defense. Right be. Jones KC. Asks, which players are in the most danger of being cut when Bush shot or when yeah. When shod brilliant and Mike Panel Return Mattie I think when you have the start get four tightens on the roster. So in less that get out beforehand, I think Ricky Seals Jones assuming the elders healthy by then has got to be one of the first guys looking to go and then Sean Warton's a great story and it sounds like he's been very impressive I don't see the Chiefs keeping five defensive tackles along with six defensive ends. I think weren't of the guys that they have right now is probably the lowest totem pole. You slide him on your practice squad if he doesn't flash too much protect SEAN would be kind the second guy..

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