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Home cowboy home. You don't get you a chance you didn't impress us world champs. Yeah. Enjoy that. That was earlier in the year that law for that for lost years. Well, champs not this year. You don't even get the play this time. I think the eagles are gonna end up catching up and passing the Cowboys. But that's not what I'm here to ask. I'm here to ask you skins eagles choose. I mean, I know eagles, right? I just don't care. It just doesn't matter. It's these two teams that like can we just choose another? Can I can we call the notable and choose another? I would say except the defending champs. I mean matters. I mean, okay, fine. Other games spaghetti dealer's choice. This is this week of games are very strained. There's a lot of like one really good team one poor team. This game is kind of for the division. So that's why picked no I'm not arguing with you picking. I think you pick the right game. And it's just I can't bring myself to care about either of these two teams who do your bum. I'll say the week spaghetti. It's probably going to be Alex Tanny versus chase Daniel and giant stadium. Is that right? There's a good shot that Tanny, and and Kylo let us see some action and not Mitch Trubisky. Did not practice today. So we're sticking with. And and we're just we're staying with. We're just ignoring the fact so allies done, and you're just we got saquon. So who cares about anything else? You watch. I don't know. If you call them is plenty of it. Okay. So the. There was something weird happening the second half with a giant dominating that game. I mean, the eagles are missing their top four Cornerbacks, and they were smoking them. And then second half they came out, and they decided to run saquon like four times, and they I think something happened where the like let's not win this game and really blow our our draft chances because they're in the direction of rebuilding. And if they win they have end up with six seven wins. It doesn't really help them at all. So I think that's really what that's kind of like the rumor on the street amongst the giants. That's what they did. At halftime. The players are saying that, you know, no lot of writers and people cover the team. I'd like to hear from the top down to to not win that game. That's a good question to ask people because I believe that that happens. Yeah. That's fan talk. And I mean, I'm with you or having their way with the eagles the first half. But I mean, those so someone from the mayor family calls down to the law guy lay down boys lay down. I think I think the eagles are going to have a good second half. If you know what? I mean, I think it was Gettleman. I think if you know if you listen to the comments like. Especially with Shurmur the backup quarterbacks came up more than any other week prior in this this a lot of Tanny talk a lot of low at a talk in a never have. It was always like a guy. He the guy now. It's like, yeah. They'll see time. And I think something weird happening that game. They just not want to win it. What would you right? But right now spaghetti you get to decide what happens here. What what does the giants off season? Look like their two biggest acquisitions in free agency and first round of the draft. What what are they getting? I mean, I would love to just replay Shurmur with like cliff Kingsbury or someone. Okay. Well, they're not gonna fire Shiro. You definitely an as well as Eli is played the last few games and seeing the offense does open up you run saquon more how good they look just because of his age in the amount of money costs. Yeah. It makes sense to get a quarterback. So I'm okay with them if they're going to tank, I'm okay with that happening. If they but is this the tanking? I don't think it I think so I think what I do is. I get a better I build the offense line. So then let Eli take another run out of product. The problem is the Strath coming is more loaded with like D line dealing heavy drive the giants dealings extra. Okay. There's no that good..

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