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Somewhat this morning as we continue get used to commute. Without the Alaskan way. Viaduct? Komo's Brian Calvert joins us live once again from the state traffic management center in shoreline. Manda and Greg earlier this morning, we did notice some slower travel times a combination of a few more cars on this Thursday. Some drivers being more cautious and drivers who were getting into a little trouble with that web. But one thing that won't slow you down now or for the next two weeks is a moratorium on construction. It's in place across the region while both the viaduct the new tunnel are off limits. Right. It's wintertime. It's getting colder and it's getting wetter. And there's certain construction work that we can't do anyways. Making the construction. Cancellation even easier to accommodate Morgan Bela with the department of transportation says there's only one exception to the road work reprieve. Yes, emergency comes up either in a construction project, or sometimes you might have a maintenance emergency, then we would go out there. But we will let everybody know immediately live at the traffic management center insure line. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Downtown business owners along the waterfront say, the nice weather earlier this week softened the impact of this traffic closure. More from komo's Patrick Quinn. The pike place. Fish market says it's been business as usual since the vita closed. Traffic is steady Sossio protest but owner, Mike Osborne. Fears the economic aid of the Seattle squeeze is still to come a ton of apprehension of what's going to happen. When it starts raining and win the three weeks turns into five weeks during the unknown. Mike is giving customers options he's double his parking stipends and provided shipping alternatives downtown restaurant owner Tom Douglas, dresses, Devinder shutdown doesn't have to shutdown downtown businesses. I got a lot of gloom and doom people are doing some smart things. Right telecommuting, taking mass transit. We're just trying to give people reasons. Hang out hang out of bed. The Seattle city council is now considering a proposal for how to develop the downtown waterfront. Once the Alaskan wifi addict has gone it's a one hundred sixty million dollar plan to build a new park and improve transportation Joshua Curtis with the city's office of the waterfront told the council how much it would cost property owner. See in one neighborhood, a median condo owner would have a one time assessment of one thousand nine hundred dollars. If they chose to finance that with the city over twenty years that would end up being about eight dollars a month, plus financing, of course, he says it would cost commercial property owners in the area total of fifty nine hundred dollars, which they could spread out over twenty years. Opponents say the cost should be spread out across the entire city. Not just paid by neighborhood property owners sober guitar traffic.

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