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Well, it just so happens. We got some breaking news really to talk about here. It seems like there's been a game of thrones palace type coup with the New York Jets realize they have fired their GM. Mike. That guy's name again. Mcgettigan monica. All right, anyway, he's gone and VP of player personnel. Brian Heimer drinker and Adam gaze is the jets. Interim GM thoughts. Wow. So Adam it, well, you know, what? My thoughts initially are is once they saw that introductory press conference. They were they recognized. That guy's got an eye for talent. Yeah. And I there and I over there, and I up and down, right? He's got is. He's got Bette Davis is I mean that guy has got like that the weirdest introductory press conference ever. But like, I'm buddies with Adam I'm like, you know, I'm buddies with Adam gays, so at least I think I am he kinda quits. He kinda quit return to my text messages. Maybe because I made fun of his is it's like to me, maybe we're not buddies. Maybe we just acquaintances like you should be like, I should give you grief for that. Right. If we're friends if you can't take that that's on you because you're the one that looks like immediate. That wasn't me. That's you. So if you can't take it, then you know, what? Frankly, I don't wanna be your friend. If you don't have balls enough to take that. Because listen if you and I are really a four boys like if we really are boys. And you do something that's stupid that ridiculous. And I don't make fun of you. It means. We're not boys. It how the guy code, right? I'd be hurt. If you didn't. Right. That's exactly right. Like the like dudes like I've heard this joke in this going to be completely inappropriate. And then people are going to get mad at me and say, I'm insensitive prick. But here's the way, it goes, Mike, and I heard this somebody told me this one a long time ago, the main difference between men and women is that men get together. And they just I mean, they hammer each other incessantly with schist nastiness, right? They make fun of each other. They're just mean to each other. They are breaking each other's balls. And they mean. Absolutely. None of it and women get together and their incessant with the amount of compliments that they pay one another. They talk about our non say looking with great outfit that is. And all and they mean, absolutely none of it. That's the difference. So I know you don't really love me unless you're breaking my ball. Right. That right on percent. Let's how we are. We get together. Every year. I have a vandal reunion trip. You do with your guys, you're.

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