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Heart that can be viewed any time you like and can be re watched as well. So program note. Welcome back to our candidates, and again, we are going to Jump in with Ah set of questioning, And I'd like to have Christy, please provide us with that number. Number 12. I know. Number 12. We're going to begin with Audrey. Thank goodness we came back together. Ah, listen, Here's our next question Candidates. You'll have 60 seconds. To reply. For approximately 15 years. We've been involved in the Largest and most expensive public works project, and that would be the rail project. If you're elected mayor. How will you address our rail project? And we're starting with Audrey Key seen Audrey. Well, First of all, we're going to be under a federal audit for the $9.2 billion so the money isn't even coming from the city and county. It's coming from the half percent tax. At the state collects. So if the state has the money, then they will give it to us to consider how to continue this project, but my A problem with this is that nobody planned the bathrooms. Nobody planned the entrances or the exits. It could be a whole crowd of people going to a stadium or the blaze. Dale And I feel that this is the city's responsibility to make sure that bathroom's air 80 accessible And that we've planned. Who's going to be taking care of people, for example, in security on the train when you're traveling with a great group of people? I'm sorry. It got a few seconds left. Well, so so the point being that if I could make the trail, the train happened, then I would take it all the way to U H and I would use higher ground. I would go along the North King in South King Street. And there we have it. Thank you very much, Audrey. Thank you. A TTE this time, I would like to go to Mr Bud Stormbreaker. Thanks for you know, we're about 90% completed two Middle Street, and I believe that we should get up and running, And if everything goes well, we could be running by 2022. Now the fare box recovery is based on a daily ridership of 100,000. But you know, that's always in the bid that looks good in the first. The first price they give is usually just the down payment. And when I voted against this tax increase way back when I was in the Legislature, I said, there's nothing more permanent than a temporary tax increase. And so that has happened, But I believe we need to stop the bleeding. And get people using that rail as soon as possible. And then and only then, can we we guess or do some audits and find out if we can continue further, But we need to stop the hemorrhaging right now. We're not in any place now to look for and spend more money. Right now. We need to finish what we have and make it available to the people so they can start using it and we can get our money back to our bus system and to our roads to repair the roads. Thanks very much, But thank you. Indeed, Mr Movie, Hanneman. People voted for it in 2008 that they want to drill When I left City Hall. It was on time on budget on schedule, and we have a contingency fund. Costs double since I left. This is no time to point fingers. Let's say where we are Now I will go back to the pledge I made in 2005. We will not finance the construction of rail through property taxes. I believe we can do that through public private partnerships, leverage every private sector opportunity to create transitory development and I will use my connections in Washington. I line up with either the Democrats Republicans because I've served both administrations. I believe that we can't get More federal money for this project is going to be a stimulus package that's going to come out and I believe would be very, very important for this funding. And once again if we've done all we can To get as much federal dollars. But probably I will take a pause and stopped the project. Until we have the money to go for it. I will not raise property taxes to finance the construction of rail. Thank you very much movie again. The question. How will you deal with the rail project? If you're elected mayor, and we go to Mr Ernest Car volume. Thank you very much So immediately. There has to be in hot at ministry. We need to stop and pause. We need to relocate renegotiate with the federal government. Then we also need to seriously think Do we still want to go down, dealing him and then down image in Chinatown, and the reason I address this problem is because Kali he into Chinatown is a flood zone. Heart knows this, so they're building and the floods on error. This could be flooded in about 50 years. If not less, if we don't control climate change, so immediate thing is to haul administrate. We've got great buses that can transport from ministry and on review and go over with the federal government on what we need to do. To make a really effective all the way to Alma. Wanna Thank you. Thank you very much, Mr Calvario. Mr Carl Dicks. Rail is And extremely out of control project. Um, when the management caused exceed the construction caused, there's an obvious problem. On DH. We need a forensic audit of the project. We need to stop it at Middle Street. And when we stop it at Middle Street, we need to stop and take a look where all the money went. Where all the money's going, What is really going to cost? What is really going to look like and come up with the comprehensive plan from there on out because the current plan is not working? Obviously, we're not on but we're not on target. We're not on On schedule. We're not on anything and we need to take it to Middle Street. Stop there. And re look it where we're going. Carl Dicks. Thank you very much, sir. Thank you. Indeed. Mr Rick plans already. Well, Rick, this is not the real discussion of 2012. And for that matter, my position now is not the position..

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