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To move. And did you see him stick the landing on the other flip into the end zone zone? Spidey control nailed it. Now it was easy to do. Because there was no one. Within ten yards of them after the belong coverage. But hey, who was pretty you? Gotta you gotta show what you can shop -solutely well-done Steve Wilks is having his presser right now. And I don't know what kind of questions he's being asked or b or having answers for at this point. But it's certainly going to be questions about this offense. And we'll see if he comes up with answers for those questions going to be what is he going to do with Mike McCoy? That's what he's being asked. That was the question coming in. And that'll be the question on this long week. He was asked about Josh Rosen and the injury that occurred on the final play on that fourth and sixteen Goforth that they didn't get he said Josh told him he was fine. But they're going to have to evaluate him further. And he should have said, I hope I made a mistake even calling that dumb play. I don't know that he said that. He's a football coach great football coach, and he get to this level without being that right now. Yeah. Four sixteen away. Go away, you're down. You're only down thirty five unless there's like some on Thursday night football that down thirty five fourth in more than fifteen. If you score on that play. You get thirty five points. Just been informed by Scot Graeme. There is no indicia dump oil time to select the Geico drive of the game. Well, I like to give it to the defense on the pick six, but I was told by how he dinner off our producer. I'm not allowed to do that. Okay. Does not want that they want to offense and drive. So I'm gonna go with the best offense to drive the night right before half with about seven minutes left. The Broncos got the the ball games already over there up twenty eight three. But this is a great drive. Fifteen plays seventy yards of six thirty nine. And if there was any question.

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