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It was like a pit bull scars on face but he was awesome. I didn't care the cutest name ever. Kevin is a solid name for dog. I actually. I'm going to throw this out there. You billy named his. What could you named your dog after whitey. It was some kind of a racing right. People white national no no do richard. Spencer's i have your name. Your dog after old people names that don't get used anymore. So like ida. Great uncle whitey in. That's just like not like whitey. Ford whitey bolger. It's like a why don't we got his. Your dog's name is is whitey. Newham's this out there. If you love me. And i think that we've come a long way in the last couple of months. You will change your dog's name teresa well. It's too late now notes. That rizzo you wouldn't like that because it's a reminder of what you've lost. Billy should just name his dog after the job that he eventually wants to have so like kind of like how we only host yet. Pf pmt host or seal. Just name deleo. Yeah yeah we can. I throw my dog thing with billy. Es yes please actually perp time liam. Okay so billy about. I don't know two weeks ago. Just moved a block away from me and he went away for a couple of days and he paid an intern here to go watch his dog and never asked me so. I don't really know what to think about that. No he thinks that you can't take care of him. I just wanna know why. I took one. I left for one night and it was a tuesday night which is a show night. I knew liam would be editing. I do want to like make him. Come over to my house. Because i knew that. Just be annoying task especially if just moving in. Don't start with for favors immediately. I've question billy real quick. We'll get back to sports in one. Second this intern that you paid to take care of your dog in the price that you pay. Does that include the three lizards in the hedgehog on now again so they just had to like go. Fuck yourself care yourself boys they can. They can show for a night okay. are they tonight. Wait so you're just not feeding your frogs you you just leave him with a bunch of food. Oh got it in your hedgehog. A bunch of even with a bunch of gold coins okay. All right so back to our. We're talking about baseball traits. They suck and yeah. It sucks but whatever we move on it just shitty day. Should he lied. I told everyone to please not ruin my vacation. It's been ruined a million different ways. But that's okay and if you're sitting here thinking that we're going to talk about. Qb situations in the nfl. I've made it very clear. We're not gonna talk about that until sunday. i'll talk about everything else will not talking about qvc. I'm still hoping some people retire between now and son. That's not say yes. did you see that. He was They haven't playing safety now in practice. Perfect use like running scout team wearing the red jersey I don't know what they're going to do. The texans again just not play football the season especially like putting this on watson. Rick reilly joked watson at safety while you're always struck me as more of a cover zero guy. Okay all right i'll give it a two point two boss as it was. Yeah yeah brute. Spruce sorry balls. The balls scale is taking over the world with the brand balls on the brain always Okay let's talk. We'll nba. The nba drafts happened tonight. Shutout perkins to getting called up to the big desk and he. I'm sarah right now. He stole the show by. I think it was like the second pick maybe They threw it to him and he was like jalen. Green is going to be a great. Nba player just look at his suit. And i was like yup perk. Thank you this is the house. I don't give a fuck about you. Showing me a few highlight tapes and being like he comes out to this guy because similar to the prospects in baseball. None of us know like we have an idea. Kate coming is going to be good. I'd i'd i'd bet my life on it but like everyone else i don't know so yeah if it's going to be like hey guy wearing a cool suit or not. That's actually denounced. i want also like jalen. I like out of jalen great. But i like kendrick perkins a lot. Because he seems to have aged thirty five years in the last three years and he's just like he's like an old dude but he's i think like what forty years old something like that Put the coolest thing that he does like a life ac. If you can just use the word damn or hell in every sentence that you put out there on television it still has that like older impact. My brain where i'm like. Oh my god. They're cussing on espn. This guy's coolidge. Shit i don't know a damn thing about this guy. Whatever the hell he's talked it will just like. He goes back and forth from damn and hell ray allen going back from to What else does he look It's firms peanuts to Switching back and forth from his penis his tongue yet to tongue too to the click with the ps. but that's what that's how he uses the words damn and hell and it's just i always think it's pretty cool. I i like You can just say that jalen green seems like the best prospect and people will think that you're smart about basketball because nobody watched any of the g. league a night games so if you just say like i watched a film on jalen grin people will be like. Yeah this guy. This guy knows what he's talking about I am concerned with kate cunningham. Though in it's not just because in the game that i really sat down and watched he blew it in that one game that he had But it's also because he's vegan. That's that to me like if if you're a vegan going into the nba jalen greenies one hundred eighty pounds. We'll probably be able to put on another like twenty in a good weight lifting program Cutting probably gonna lose weight over the course of his career so concerned about that. I'm also interested here. What are resident. nutritionist. Billy football has to say about that you can't trust. The man made a plant proteins as letter ability and his mental. Yeah do you tweeted that. That me when i when i mentioned that he's a vegan and you're you're absolutely right. I don't think that's indisputable I was a little kind of i mean. It's you moved by one. Pick down from where everyone thought he was gonna go but i do think jalen dogs really good so that was a steel for the magic. Also whoa j- just owns the world because it feels like every like the nfl. Everyone's so scared. To tip picks woge told everyone what the first three picks were in the draft. Which i wasn't exactly breaking news. We did it at like two o'clock just like this is exactly how it's going to go on to win exactly like that. And he's doing his little thing like this team is strongly strongly interested in them and then they get picked. So it's we this is i think i'm gonna say it right now. I think this is officially the last event. That is going to be off schedule. Which i'm very happy for this to be over with because it does feel weird that the nba draft is happening this late during the olympics. All that stuff like. I think this is it. I think we are finally back on schedule. Boys think we did it. I think this is it. Am i missing anything. I don't think yeah. I think this is officially officially it where we finally like the nba season obviously went a lot. Deeper draft got pushback. But now we're here and now it's over with back on a regular schedule where things happen at the regular time we all can get our clocks linked up in. It feels good. Because i was sick of it i i. I like having today have the nba draft. You like came out of nowhere for me is like what's going on. Everything's going on at the same time so it were we. We've made it. We've made imports big. I just had one fund trivia questions. So i've been. I've been keeping this back pocket for the last hour or so. If you can solve this riddle of the draft. How many duke players have been drafted in the first round of the draft this year..

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