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Also raptors beat the magic when eleven eighty two nuggets beat the Spurs one fourteen one. Oh, five and the Trail Blazers beat okay, see one fourteen to ninety four. What else we talking about? Well, right now, there's a massive manhunt they are looking for eighteen year so pie in the Denver area. Now schools in the greater Denver area are closed today as authorities are looking for her. They say she's armed and infatuated with the combi- mass shooting. It's also only three days before the twentieth. Anniversary of that awful attack that happened back on April. Twentieth. Nineteen ninety nine when two students were killed and when two students killed to their schoolmates teacher in that mass shooting. So they're saying that she actually went from Miami to Denver when she arrived. She purchased a pump action shotgun ammunition and the last time she was seen was the foothills. And now, there's a massive search people are looking for her. They are saying just beware. Don't understand like how can you track? A person for Miami. The Denver noted this person who szeswith Columbine, let them buy a gun. And now all of a sudden the trail just goes cold. And Furthermore, how do you approach her? If you see her, you know, what I'm saying you approach with caution to shoot on sight. Like, what do you do if you encounter this young lady, you're not giving? Nobody no information on how to deal with this situation. Melissa the problem is there's no way that the police and all this information and a gun store have known it until it was too late. For instance, what I do know so far because we don't know what made this a credible threat or what exactly she did not being specific about that? But what they are saying is heard threats were general they were not specific to any school. Her parents reported her missing on Monday. The last time they saw her was on Sunday. So that's what we know. So it might have been that. She got there Monday went and what these things, and then there police were FBI were alerted after who knows? Eighteen party fish? She you go to Denver on four twenty shoot. People voted smoke something for no not smoke something like that. I mean like weed marijuana. Age anyway, she eighteen twenty one cigarettes eighteenth all right now. Eighteen south nearly one billion dollars has already been raised to rebuild Notre Dame after the fire that just ravaged. Did. They said that they anticipate it's going to take about five years to rebuild that could be in Paris. They were doing some construction. So they were doing construction. So it looks like that's what it is. Right now. They're not thinking that. This was something that was done on purpose. It looks like an accident. All right. So in about five years, perhaps you'll be able to go back and people are upset about Michelle Obama. She was talking with Stephen Colbert, she was promoting her new memoir becoming in London. And this happened..

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