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That i enjoy it massively and you can see you could see the the sort of wants on their faces their reminiscing and there's not a bad word said about him throughout the documentary because it's before he really became a massive public face in kind of a staple if that scene it was more as you say the rise in the friendships that he made and you know burst from new york can ruin a time of real poverty my few in heroin which was like a big influence on all the time he kind of just hotfooted from bed to bed from safer to floor just based on his time and kind of magnetism pretty much homeless at the time that's one of the threads that comes through he would just at the end of the nightside who can i sleep with both in terms of sofa but also for the night it's interesting hearing dotes like he was i believe it would be stranger than paradise is first film that filming in the flats in new york and joe michelle is apparently asleep on the floor just shots it's the little things like that the quite light flynn in way more enlightening about these great stories great creatives i'm trying to conceal also a really good soundtrack yeah of post punk no wave nineteen seventy nine hundred thousand new york music she just knows her stuff is the best pairing for each and i think it's really one of the edited as well considering there's not that much actual film footage from the time so they've got these these wonderful scuzzy study under developed very taste of giving very expressive and sued if matching that perfectly with with these glowing accounts of him from his friends it's actually amazingly amount of archive footage a couple of short films of him running around the streets that you use quite a lot also public access cable television he's just turning up in the back of the sean you say about what set about him but quite clear eyed about his clear i'm bishen the magpie just so can good music playing in a band so it can go all hanging out in these collective shows and just taking what he wants from graffiti culture and street art culture and forming his vision manchu is like i'm going to be a c vista i'm gonna be famous that's you know he was he didn't pussyfoot down that was the go that's what he was going to get that but they still loved him i mean and with i've i'm terribly the woman that said this at the end but he he blew the roof off that sucker as in he just absolutely to it down the out loud and as you say that's just such a point to end on just makes you this defer for more things how about some schools who well as bros massive fan of that era in time and just the names in the the odd that's produced wish existed in that time to go real sense of missing out that so it's a full for me i would say full is across the board in the it just like it fulfils any expedition i have on of really feeling i in that scene and finding out more about him which i had to keen interest in after the exhibition tea and then it stayed with me cincinnati in a solid four think this is a three four four familiar i in open either sorts of eastern film festival launch which was the opening film this year and i was i love note movies anyway but this really offered something a different spin on the the great life documentary so three four four for me maybe a good tobel with recently released studio fifty four documentary for real looker uptown downtown in new york at.

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