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Shows that a lot of people favor his removal. Yeah, big time. You've got to get them to sign petitions. All right, we got more coming up. John and Ken K. F i Deborah Marquez News. More people have been hurt in a crash involving a car that ended up slamming. Into a homeless camp in Korea Town L. A city fire assistant chief Antoine McKnight says a crane was used to lift the car off of the homeless man. Fortunately had it was a couch whether a person was on so he was cushioned somewhat. Witnesses say. A Dodge Dart was speeding on Virgil Avenue, then hit a Toyota before crashing into the homeless camp on a sidewalk. Woman from Chicago has been arrested for falsely claiming a bomb was on a flight she missed in Florida. She and her party showed up too late last night in Fort Lauderdale to get on board, so she went the fake bomb route. The plane was already rolling out to the runway. It returned to the gate. All the passengers had to get off and the plane was searched. Texas governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill into law to overhaul voting in his state. It bans 24 hour polling places and drive through voting requires voters to request a vote by mail ballot and allows more movement for poll watchers. Critics say the law will suppress votes in minority communities. But Governor Abbott says it will not No one who is eligible to vote will be denied the opportunity to vote. It does, however, make it harder for cheaters to cast an illegal ballot. He says The law makes it easier for people to be able to vote. Supporters say the bill expands early voting and allows people to take time off from work to vote. Billionaire wants to build a new sustainable city in the desert. Marc lore, a former WalMart executive unveiled his plans for Telos A. It's a 150,000 acre city made up of buildings with eco friendly architecture, sustainable energy production and a drought resistant water system. The project says it would be a new model for society. Laura says the final project will cost $400 billion that would come from various sources and that it could be ready for residents by 2030. The project's website says it's looking at Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas. And the Appalachian region as possible Sites. Brian Brunon K F. I News. We have a crash on the 14 in Santa Clarita. Yeah, this was a bad one. An injury crash 14 Freeway northbound at plastering to canning. The right shoulder is where all the action is. But traffic just at a standstill all the way almost from the split with the five as you head north down there, so give yourself a lot of time can fly in the sky helps get their care. Find this guy. Michael Bryant is checking out things and I believe East L A. He's Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer Com. Well, we'd start there. Well, 60 eastbound out of East L A look up there just off the east LA interchange at first stretches very heavy over to Montebello. Now it looks like we've got problems in Whittier 605 north and I'm speed line into this 165 northbound just about whether you're Boulevard. It may still be in lanes because this extra tight there from the one Oh five, adding disloyal the South 65 pretty much from the 60 down through the five in Orange County. Five North Biennale breaks there from just about Harbor Boulevard up through the construction zone, the worst of that beach boulevard into hunting the beach introduce an accident. Is it? Superwoman? Super lawyer. Com Mike O'Brien, KF I had this guy and in Lincoln Heights five million before Broadway that off ramp is blocked because of a downed power pole. Kft and the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Will Kohlschreiber You're not smiling anymore in public because people gasp and turn away your teeth are all rotted out. And you've stopped eating to at least anything solid..

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