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I can make this a great nation of thirty days. Unfortunately, a I can't be president. I'm too smart. And be I'm not a dictator, which is a good thing. Because you wouldn't like the country's a direction that I took it. And I'm sure most of you get frightened and terrified. Oh, you'd be so terrified if I had to control. I I would like just naked control. What fund that would be you ever dreamed about what you do if you a dictator? Did I opened up can of worms of that one? What would you do if you were a dictator? That's an interesting question. I love to see what people would say about that. What was what would the what would you do if you had unlimited power with know, blowback, what's the first thing? You would do if you're a dictator in the United States of America to straighten this nation out before it goes down altogether. And can't come back up. Oh, yeah. Let don't even call on that one. That's so dangerous. That is so dangerous. Sonoma's Mike line to what your topic, please? Yeah. Hey, Michael, you're thinking about Tamara Harris. Uh? I just. Harris failed. I don't think they're really supposed to go very far the campaign. I think she was just a test for the Democratic Party. I think her point was market. Ideas, stick and she failed. So she's exactly what the Democrats wanted to do. Well, wh- what do you mean what they wanted to fail? I keep pushing her every day in the San Francisco newspaper like she's very pushing a like she's gonna win. She's not gonna win. She has no charisma. No ideas. Moreover, she showed herself to be a vicious soul during the cabin or hearings. America saw what she is. Yeah. I agree with you. But the point on that point, I agree with you. But the point is she's not going to go very far the rest of the country is not going to take the California values the hall. I understood why. So why are they pushing it then why is the California Democrat machine pushing this woman knowing she has no appeal outside of San Francisco. Exactly. They're testing the market. You do marketing test the market. All right. So let's say, you're right. And I don't I don't agree with you testing the market to replace it with who who is a more viable candidate than her on the democrat side, the others are so wacky to the left of her that makes it look like a conservative. I agree with you on that point. But I would have to put up Beto, but at the very least Bobby it's the final installment payments, so Willie Brown. So there you go..

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