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All, I wanna Pat myself on the back to do this, but who told you the Toronto Raptors. We're gonna win the NBA finals. That's right, right here at the car. Red Zach Lowe on ESPN guy made so much sense. I don't even know if he picked him but he was detail on serious. I'm like, you know what the warriors are going down. It's coming going in the dynasties gonna be kaput. That's right. The bulls the nineties greater than the warriors now. And this is the end and Kevin Durant gonna go somewhere else. And then use started watching the series and I put it out there after game three raptors in five did a video put it out on Twitter. Please follow me at the car, your support, and people are yelling at me. This isn't gonna age. Well, no way the raptors one in five and I know it's not over, but they will be home for game five. There was an incident, though that we should talk about which was in game. Three in Golden State billionaire owner, minority owner, Mark Stevens Silicon Valley tons of dough sitting there in the front row enjoying the basketball game in here comes Toronto. Raptors guide you probably have seen this Kyle Lowry diving after a ball cracks into a woman. She goes flying. It's a cultural moment. This happens all the time guys are playing basketball. The trying to save the ball. Keep it in play fans are sitting super close. Those seats are twenty five hundred a ticket five thousand dollars a ticket, whatever they are in Golden State, the probably close to five grand people love being close to actually feel like they're a part of the game. But you're not a part of the game you pay to sit there. And for people like Mark Stevens, he paid to sit there, but it's a drop in the bucket Thome. He's a billionaire five thousand first seat, four seats twenty grant, that's nothing to him. And so here he is rooting for his warriors Lowry clerk crashing into the stands. And the guy pushes them pushes the player in almost worse in my mind then starts dropping, the f bomb on them. Multiple multiple uses of profanity to a player as if Kyle our is doing something wrong, and lowers looking around, confused, he's talking to the referee kick this guy out of the game and within twenty four hours, the NBA a guy. This is a guy who was a minority owner of the team. And I know we're talking about changing those names because it seems real awkward, but. Within twenty four hours, five hundred thousand dollar fine. Again, not a lot of money to him. But a lot of money to ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of the people out there. Banned him from the from the rest of the finals in Bandon for another year. Can't go to a game. He'll probably within this next year before sell off his ownership of the team. Whatever whatever percentage he has. And some people are saying that he should have been banned for life. Where's the thing with fan bans, which are coming more and more? And this is a good thing. This is part of the reason that, you know, if you're going to go and you're gonna attack players in a way that is. And we I think we all should know the line if we're going to go we're gonna use racist stuff. We're gonna use homophobic stuff. It's not right. Hello. I'd like to think as an evolved society, we wouldn't do that. You want to tell a guy that he sucks. Go ahead. Still. I don't I don't wanna take that away from me, live that dream of. That's what you feel like doing. But when you're going to go below the belt. Enact and say stuff that is going to offend the people that are sitting around you. That's not what we need. We should be better than that. But if you ban a fan. You tell. How do you force it, right? Can you tell me you can't walk in and buy ticket on stubhub or whatever? And in, in getting the building in that some the ticket takers gonna know who he is. I know chance. Right. But this guy Mark Stevens, he's the owner of the team. One of the owners his picture is plastered everywhere. He's sitting in the front row. So he's actually going to feel the impact of it. And throw that in there, you know, sometimes these teams they take a long time to figure it out. Well, what should we do with? Well, let's have a meeting. Let's get everybody together, we'll get around to it. I mean think about how about how long it takes for anything to get put into place in the NFL or major league baseball a fan, getting hit by a foul ball and major league baseball people talk about what they should extend the netting. Well, that conversation will have I dunno November December, maybe they will maybe they won't the NBA. See something. This guy actually moron twenty four hours later. Yeah. You're you're you're, you're not going anymore games. You don't have seeds for next year. You always five hundred thousand dollars. And by the way, we're going to review this, and it may be worse. So is just a very pro player league. And that impresses me because the end of the day. I don't turn on the TV to see the owners. I don't turn on the TV to see the investors, I turn on the TV to see the players when I watched the White Sox notice respected, Jerry Reinsdorf? I'm not watching Jerry Reinsdorf. I'm there to watch Jose Abreu in demand or sin watch the cubs. I'm there to watch Anthony Rizzo Tom Ricketts watch the bulls. I'm there to watch Zach LeVine. We'll watch the Blackhawks. Right. So. Who I don't get not being pro player and as we. Have more technology and availability. And we can see everything in in real time. If it's happening in the hundred or in the front row. People being actually held accountable for the actions. All this is good. But I mean I don't know if anybody had a problem with the him, not being. Banned for life. And maybe if it was me or you Curtis or whoever we would have been. But when you are an owner of a team, you're going to get a little bit more of. Sort of a pass, so to speak, even though he didn't get a pass. Yeah. And the other thing to look at what Drake is done to this whole entire files Drake to having fun. He he's. Yeah. But he's still getting in underneath the skin of the player, right? Taunting them in that whole sort of thing, which is completely acceptable. I mean, he's even taking it off the court onto social media. I don't know if you saw he was posting pictures of Klay Thompson, with a couple of ladies on Instagram while they're not playing just in general throwing shade at Klay Thompson, and that's another form of trash talking. But no, I think the NBA is kind of been more of the progressive league in all sports in terms of like putting an end to these sort of situations. Like you just mentioned earlier baseball, not extending the netting along the foul lines in the cubs were quick to act on that fan who made that gesture behind Doug Glenville, the we don't know who what is name is. We don't know who knows what's going on that, right? Yeah. But again, the, the swift action of that's true, forcing it is key and not just winning around and waiting until a later date to enforce a netting policy, or whatever. Fair enough credit that was that will seem incredibly bizarre. I am. And it just normally these things come out where, you know, the guy's name we I mean, we you've, you know, very lives. You hear all sorts of this was just there at the moment and the guy was banned. And then it's just that story has dissipated incredibly rapidly. All right. So in three two nine eight one seventy two hundred. If you want to jump in here. I. I got an issue that I would like to. Talk about coming back here. It's a little bit awkward. I'm having a I'm still happily going to be getting married, but I do have a break up that's going on in my life. So I wanna I wanna I wanna touch on this coming back. It's very need some help three onto ninety eight one seventy two hundred phone number. If you wanna weigh in.

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