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<Music> <Music> <Music> <Silence> <Silence> <SpeakerChange> <Music> <Speech_Music_Female> I'm Vanessa Richardson. <Speech_Female> Thanks again <Speech_Female> to Nate <SpeakerChange> Hale <Speech_Female> for joining me today. <Speech_Male> Thanks for having <Speech_Male> me. You can find <Speech_Male> my podcast by googling. <Speech_Male> The conspirators are <Speech_Male> searching. Wherever <SpeakerChange> you listen <Speech_Female> to podcasts <Speech_Female> to learn more about <Speech_Female> the crimes committed <Speech_Female> in the throes of <Speech_Female> passion listened <Speech_Female> to Parkhouse <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> original crimes <Speech_Female> of passion <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> today in <Speech_Female> true crime is a podcast <Speech_Female> original. <Speech_Female> You can find more episodes <Speech_Female> of today in true <Speech_Female> crime and all other <Speech_Female> podcast originals <Speech_Female> for free on spotify. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Not only does spotify <Speech_Female> already. Have all of <Speech_Female> your favorite music <Speech_Female> but now spotify <Speech_Female> is making it easy <Speech_Female> for you to enjoy. All <Speech_Female> of your favorite podcast <Speech_Female> originals. <Speech_Female> Like today in true <Speech_Female> crime for free <Speech_Female> from your phone. <Speech_Female> Desktop or smart <Speech_Female> speaker <Speech_Female> to stream today <Speech_Female> in true crime on spotify. <Speech_Female> Just <Speech_Female> open the APP and type <Speech_Female> today in <Speech_Female> true crime in the <Speech_Female> search bar at <Speech_Female> podcast. <Speech_Female> Grateful for you our <Speech_Female> listeners. Do you allow <Speech_Female> us to do what we love. <Speech_Female> Let us know how we're doing <Speech_Female> reach out <Speech_Female> on facebook and <Speech_Female> Instagram at <Speech_Female> podcast and <Speech_Female> twitter at podcast <Speech_Female> network? <Speech_Female> We back <Speech_Female> with a brand new episode <Speech_Female> tomorrow <Speech_Female> in True <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Crime. Today <Speech_Female> in true crime <Speech_Female> was created by Max <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Cutler and is <Speech_Female> a podcast studios <Speech_Female> original. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> It is executive <Speech_Female> produced by Max Cutler. <Speech_Female> Sound design <Speech_Female> by Brian <Speech_Female> Golub with production <Speech_Female> assistance by Ron <Speech_Female> Shapiro Carly <Speech_Female> Madden and <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Freddie Beckley. <Speech_Female> This episode of today <Speech_Female> and true crime was <Speech_Female> written by Greg Castro <Speech_Female> with writing <Speech_Female> assistance by Nora <Speech_Female> Battelle. <Speech_Music_Female> I'm Vanessa <SpeakerChange> Richardson <Speech_Music_Female>

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