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Like what does he actually run. A one array is in his carry potter. Oh yeah a very good idea. And we ran a classes Dundee People K.. And then we started hearing people from all over the world. Saying I've heard your morning Harry Potter. She I five nature lanes at skype in for me dealing and You know we were trying to figure out what to do with that because people were sharing commercial things and we didn't think screens we're going to get a hit now recommended and make a podcast and now we have this huge International Ashok community people reading Harry Potter secred a very long answer to your question I love it. It was great And that's something I've on a much smaller scale experienced when One of my best friends to this day we met because she had a Harry Potter her folder. And I it was seventh grade and I was like. Oh I've got. I've got to talk to her so the header on your site reads reading. Fiction doesn't help US escape. The world at helps us live live in it and I think for a lot of people books fictional books and particularly maybe Harry Potter which is really popular but aimed towards children children. Even though adults love it as well it's easy to dismiss And I was wondering if you could expound on that header and also what do you think the value of examining these works of fiction through a feminist lens. What do you think that value is I mean? Are you talking about me own history with that. I was.

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