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You got to a point though it had to come obviously because they've put you in a prominent spot as anchoring the mornings where you did clearly become accepted at least for my point that is certainly happened you all a moment or an story or something along those lines where you're like you know this wouldn't happen when i first got one thing you went to so school right know what they're like high school no no i'm from los angeles you're from los angeles yeah i thought you know instead us me start to get the sits and i don't know when that happened i wanna say is when my son was playing football at parkway central in unison with and so he started to feel like i had friends now you look for those friday nights i look forward to saturdays when he played for washy look for it to my daughter's soccer games because then it was this group of people that were my friends when my circle i was okay it wasn't just tv or let me go to the game and say hi to soandsoandso's so these are people who i had no association with within the work environment and we were cool that that's when i really start to feel like okay we're here for community and this is this is our home so just a couple of years ago you have a couple of major things going on your health situation and i remember we would text about it and at the time my sister who played soccer saint louis university she was an all state player in high school in one state championship and she just had a time where she couldn't get up and walk without being exhaust exhausting and so when we were texting are saying hey i nothing about medicine but i wonder if it's a blood clot and that is what it wasn't a book klatt som it was significant blood clots my lungs were basically full of klotz in so when every move these clowns it looked like a set of.

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