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My God so cute, can you hear us well I can hear you. Oh my God, the smile. Find. I'm going to objectify that Shit. League. Star. Oh my God I, pay top dollar just to watch you and your wife snuggle I really. going. Via It's basically. How cute you are! I don't need to say a word. I'm happy to listen to you guys. We'll just tell you about your career. It's going to be like a retrospective. You'll love it. How are you doing? Are you guys doing in Quarantine Tino? We're doing okay ups and downs, but mainly just feeling lucky that we like our home and we like each other. Yeah, that's a big benefit is not. It's not nothing we've hit the skids a couple of Times Belen I. There's something really disheartening about being in this for four months now and it feeling worse than ever. Where at one point, who was like it felt like we were actually going in the right direction, and now it just feels all for nothing so I. Guess we're just trying to poke the things we can control and keep our heads down and try to be productive now. Is your movie the rental coming out in theaters? Yes, weirdly enough. We're coming out in in a bunch of drive ins, and then select theaters throughout the country like standard theaters, someone who has spent two years of my life a couple times making movies, yeah. I can't imagine two years and then the finish line. No one can go see a movie so yeah I have a lot to say about this. I mean it feels like uniquely penalizing to you. Well okay, so the end of the story is I think it's all good so I'm just GonNa start off with that, but you know we're obviously living in a different world, people are finding new ways to release their films and I do feel really lucky that I paired up with IFC who really has been thinking outside.

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