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Only reason Jesse smallest thought he could take advantage of a hoax about a hate crime is for the environment toxic environment that Donald Trump created. There. He had to tag it with Joe liberal. Nasa. It's good to pay people nineteen thousand dollars to stay in bed for two months NASA, and the German and European Space Agency say they're looking for twenty four volunteers to spend sixty days lying down on. We'd hate to lose you. But I'm I've been built for this. 'cause you know. Yeah. Exactly. Some have greatness thrust upon them. Moments. This is your time preparing your home life for this second. Now, do I get got wifi, right? Studies going to run from September to December this year in the German city of Cologne volunteers, eat size, scented German city, exercise get dressed, even shower while lying flat in bed is an experiment studying weightlessness lane, a wet bed shower laying in bed. I dunno. They'll explain it to you. When you get there brings me a sponge bath of some sort all that could very well as well. As this NASA. We're talking about the bed is mounted to series of pistons. It will be raised to a vertical position, you'll be strapped into it. And you will be hit with fire. Let's say you're calling a shower. It is technically a shower or those submerge unit tank for five. Politics. College basketball's elite eight are now known top seeds, Gonzaga and Virginia both won their NC double A attorneys claim to of spots joining them after their wins are Purdue and Texas Tech remaining fourteen be decided today is gave rainy new couple of zags last night. Gary happy very happy about it is Texas Tech's the team that's got the eight footer on it. No. That was that was UCF. They lost. At your news. I'm Marshall Phillips. The Arabs started Getty show, the conscience of the nation. Bush weeks in my basketball. Hey, talking about the man named taco was it nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Like a circumstance unusually tall. As a bearded lady won a little more entertaining. Wow. Why why headed calf was right about culture? Idiots. Gone from being mildly used and he has no chance to be actively engaged in wanting him to go away. I don't wanna talk over one of the great tributes to classic music. Music the song was made. But was this actually like a? Disc jockey playing time rock me day. The long version is fantastic. The album belong played ISIS guys to get them to fess up. Yeah. It's got the the longer the rap in it. That's really cool about how he rises to fame. Oh. Life. Rock me. Sean. I remember dancing the hot chicks on the Mark dance. For can you imagine? Eighties where a strange. You're right about that. You're listening to the I had a bird. You're listening to the Armstrong and Getty show. Getty face the nation. Fifty four at the five freeway report of a car in the right lane. So watch for the slowing that will start gather behind that one you triple eight oh five northbound leaving National City starting to fill in as you make your way to the eight sponsored by sports Fruehauf house pizza sports, birdhouse.

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