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You can read Frank. I was writing about the dumpster. Fire that the New York Knicks on the Athletic Dot Com. Here are some other stories. We're following at the lead the year of the QB shuffle continues the news the NFL's last winless team. The bengals are benching rookie Ryan Finley in favor of longtime starter. Andy Dalton who was bench last month and in Denver coach Vic Fangio says rookie drew lock is quote an option to replace starter. Joe Flacco after the broncos suffered a historically bad offensive performance a loss to the bills on Sunday the Yankees have made history by hiring the first woman ever to be a hitting coach. The team announced Monday. They hired Rachel Balch Avec as the full time hitting coach. Who will serve in the minors? BALCH AVEC has two master's degrees and the Science of Human Movement and she has extensive strength and conditioning experience with several minor elite teams. And she's not too bad. Behind the plate she was also a catcher on the softball teams at Creighton University and New Mexico and Russia has apparently been caught the cheating while it was being investigated for cheating a World Anti Doping Agency panel has recommended that Russia face a four-year ban from global sports including the two thousand Twenty Olympics and the twenty twenty two World Cup Wada caught Russia making alterations to test results that it had agreed to turn over after it got caught achieving the first time the what executive committee will rule on the recommendations on December ninth. If you like our show please give us a five star rating and tell your friends to subscribe back. We're available on Apple podcasts. spotify stitcher and every major listening as well as wondering dot com from wondering athletic. I'm Cathy Davidson an skelter. See You tomorrow..

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