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It was hungry. I think Christian really wanted to be a single star. And not necessarily his first preference. Suppose it to be a tag team star. Even though he would have done it, I needed done a great job with it. Let's talk about somebody else who would have done a great job with it. Of course we're talking about our old pal, mister orndorff. It's written in the observer that they're not exactly sure what he's going to be doing because some of the stuff has already leaked, meaning they thought maybe it was going to be him and Ron Simmons since they did the TV stuff, but the booking sheets have leaked, that it's going to be Dan spivey versus Ron Simmons. But more concerning is their own magazine, the WWE magazine has already told the story of Barry Windham turning on Dustin Rhodes. Those magazines hit the newsstands the day before it happens on live TV clash of the champions. Is this just a function of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing or are we getting too big for our britches, talk me through this? No, it's communication, lack of structure, you know, left hand, you hit the nail on the head, as simple as that. hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. And it ended up being a very embarrassing scenario. Because you're not talking about two ham and eggers. No. You're talking about major, major stars for us. You're tag teams. Yeah. Yeah, so how that slipped out like that or whatever. Is still a head shaker. Well, it's a head shaker when we see Bill watts on the 900 number. He's going to set the record straight and say, no, no, WCW's paying for guys medical expenses if they got injured on the job. We're just not paying them. But if they wanted to secure their income, they had to write my Lloyd's London policy if they wanted to protect themselves. And if they don't, well, that's on them. And Meltzer would say the Lloyd's premiums these days go for about $17,000 a year. And he suspects that that figure will rise rapidly over the next year. That's a lot of money now. Certainly a lot of money back then, especially based on the new watts pay structure, did you think it was quote unquote fair, but if a guy gets legitimately injured and he gets sent home, we're not paying him. No, that's fair. Yeah. You don't do that. But it was a strange, so many strange decisions were being made. Right. We've revealed so many strange decisions and things that didn't make any sense. This could have been done to fix that. You and I have not just simply sit down here today to identify problems. We have discussed solutions to those problems. And I will tell you that a lot of those solutions were discussed. You know, I still work in closer cowboy, whether I liked it or not. Because this is guilt by association. And the more he cowboy got on him, the more dripped down to me. And I didn't think that was fair. Nobody's

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