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Through the road there's a suffocating claustrophobia three hundred in another video ten comes across an elderly patient in his wheelchair gray lamb on moving a relative cleans on the chair holding his body up from as he films ten realizes the patients that about a the woman explained to her face masks that the ambulance arrived too late to save him now she was trying to figure out what to do with the bottom of the third there's a clip of a medical worker in a hospital parking lot she's squatting by a car crying and for phone a colleague tells her not that and she stands up shaking with anger costing for six days she screams don't you dare tell me it's not serious for nearly a week China has been posting videos from a city teetering on the edge of a breakdown for nearly a week yes watch from the sideline observing listening studiously reserving judgment but then on January thirtieth when he appears on screen he isn't reporting instead I always you should you should send ushered you essential hopefuls along hunched on the bed wearing a tank top with what looks like a bed sheet wrapped around his shoulders and his face is pale and his hair was on calmed Judaism Porsche financial at all how to deal with it's a twenty seven minute video much longer than his regular ones he placed several recap clips talks about what he's seen but he is in his usual charismatic self something's off when he's talking about this what is virus test kits he seeds with contempt just a verbal rule chancel did you hear that there aren't enough test kits he says we forty counts off all this functions he's witnessed in the past week from the lack of transport the shortage of supplies the piles of unsorted donations over worked construction workers the sheer volume of dysfunctions dysfunctions that restaurant at larger failures of the government overwhelms trend as he speaks budgetary energy courses through him he keeps trying to reset will himself back into the state of click to call but it's not working look okay let's keep going since we are let you listen it will have a high pop sorry my thoughts are really disorganized because I'm starting to feel afraid like I'm genuinely.

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