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Someone coming up the u insane. I've got Sean springs. He's talking about Poland spring water. Do you want him on the air? I'm on the air for four hours. Right. I get it. I it does you Matt money Smith yeoman's work always at the Super Bowl media row. We do and how much the guy to the right of me, by the way, who's wearing a satin jacket that says like one oh four nine the eagle who's bleeding into my microphone and he's screaming at the guy. He's doing a show with you're gonna tell me right now in this spot that your vote for MVP Josh Reynolds stope at his thing I've ever heard. That's that's the other. Two hours of what you get the deal with you've lost touch with the people money. I have what what would eleven money Smith to what would say let me let me give you a hypothetical eleven year old Matt money, you're going to get the talk with the glitter ATI from pro football all week long. I don't care. Call me Jackson affir-. If you must not shocks. I am not a Jackson. You've just said calm you when I did cut that from the show. Was that out there? No. I listen. I it's crazy to me. And I don't care if it makes if it's it's okay to saccharin, or whatever I can't believe I on this field. I got on the Super Bowl field angry. I'm angry old, man. I. Hey, what's happening in von Miller? Hey, by the way, you do have to go back before the Super Bowl two of my very favorite things annually and immodestly when I go to media night, and I talked to players and coaches on both sides, and I asked him if it was a must-win game of that. And then on the red carpet at NFL honors the eve of the Super Bowl like to glad hand with not just football glitter ATI, but also Hollywood we caught up with Jon Hamm, aka Don, Draper and asked him who would Don Draper have rooted for the giants or the jets in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. That's a good question. Is that right? Quick that's clever. That is a great. I give myself credit for that. Good question. Also, we played dream acre for one Paul Rudd. He is chiefs fan, but he also grew up a Steelers fan where kibitzing about that. And he legitimately knows. He knew we g Thomson from the mid eighty Steelers and everything else and right while we're doing that. I watched the video right is Franco, Harris walks up, and he turned into an eleven year old himself. So it was a anyway, all those videos, I bring that to praise myself note to encourage you need.

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