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More aims murdered according um i feel like as we may be an entertainer she law she'll hit so many different stories about a fall as we get older but i i just want her to know what i'm what i'm doing it for you know what i'm saying like at the end of the day like i want to know every everything ideas and she was born was was was aimed at trying to better life or just make sure she was comfortable you know what i'm saying so in that and they're daddy was that but that's best come up he's like i want to know of falbo you know what i mean that is mall cowley what my name is forever won't be a concrete and in musical act whatever i decided and that she won't be comfortable you know what i'm saying asean got gotta trotter uh depending on the mantle fondled due to a well she she although none of that linkage she started dayton are you going to be like older protects business business now the marilyn miller brought the what go ahead he quit school got a lot of it is me curry got hokuapp like i have have is going backwards you'll be that bad boys to sing well they would they would actors they met you talking to budget and at cana leads me to my next question what am i favour interviews from biggie small zoos morsel th they asked what was the legacy of his music and he always said i want my music to be like a time capsule for my kids you know just to let them know like if i'm not here this is the life did that i lived and you kind see your music is like a time capsule for your daughter's world to show a look mr life daddy used to live in this the life that you'll never have to see is a d you kind of your music is as a time capsule for her to adapt legal i feel like what happened in my life.

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