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We ask you about the leslie weaves out of it for a second you know. I know that's how you started and united. Let's just talk about wigs in general. Like what kind do you work with. Are you just like it. Depends on the client or do you have favorites. She always do a full. Do you do a partial like how do you decide. I think the wigs are more for transformation. You want a different look. You wanna love light tilly different. You know or it could be used for protective style as well. You know to protect your hair from putting so much to edge strain in whatever you know or either way dig the protective style but <hes>. If you have a client come in sit down in front of you. And she knows she wants away because she doesn't want shoes wants to have it installed and not have to worry about it. How do you go about deciding which one to put her in. Because they're home with their own. But i'm saying when you're in charge that wigs are not for everybody deaf another thing <hes>. And then it's about the lease and depend on really kinda what they're going for. You know like it. Could i can. Have you allow me to take control. Then i'm just gonna really take control man than just going to be my vision. But i usually do that separately where i pick amato and then i do what i want on them because when i work with people i really can do. You could tell me that. You could tell me to do what i want. But then if you don't like it did dennis hairstylist. I you have to give me some type of direction and for me to just be able to choose something for you because is if you don't give me no direction at all that has decide. Okay you leave in all of my hand than it could. It could be good or could be not your taste. You know now by no the person. And i really like no that. No them know them. They've been <unk>. From of mines. For a long time i would be able to understand and know what what works for them. You know like so kinda. That's a good question by is lying. It depends really depends on the relationship with the client. And the stylus you know okay. Let's pretend i'm your client ready. Money is no object. I wanna have some fun. I wouldn't watch much much. I want it to be deep pockets. Natural looking i want to be able to part it anyway. I want i don't want to the side part. I want to be able to jump into swimming pool and then get on a motorcycle and have it still look natural. I want my edges to look natural little now the view. Do you want natural. You always want to go for the natural. You always want to attach to you. Wanna do you want something that's gonna make you love different. Everything select natural every wig yard. I want frigging fabulous. I want it really long and really luxurious. I don't care how much it weighs i was. You know what i was saying. I was a red hair will really. Oh okay now. Am i going to get a full. Would you put just like a full legal. Read will read like growing out of this. Gal just turn you into a red hat. Okay would you have to someone with hair like mine. Would you have to break it all down bring it down and then yes. I'm not going to have to have glue and sewing. Tell me the truth are no just gloom. No sewing by the glue <hes>. It doesn't go on your hair so if you have some people that have their hair grows so close to the brow you know you have a different browser. Literally runs into my hairline. No yours is not that bad. People you save your. Sometimes they grow together. I'm persian that's how we saw the some people do that. Just to wear a wig. They was shave just to wear a way to get back. Because of your hairline is so close you can't have it so close the week if nowhere by the way to go. Oh eighteen ev. You have a teeny tiny four. You know some people here grows ike. You know just like a heart shape. Yeah so i don't have to shave my head. That's good news. you're gonna do glue. Only you know for my nice. Emma melted down. Melt delays lasers very important. The main thing to wigs lace. Can we talk about that a little bit. That's like the mesh scout part right. The better delays the better the way hd lays you have transparencies. You have switched lease. You have the regularly <hes>. Delays the best. And where does the lace go. Because i heard the the the the term. I know the term lace front wig but our of these part of the lace front. There are all of these lakefront. With the whole thing's lease he's given me okay <hes>. No you could you have closures. You have laced frontal that you have full lace wigs than you have <hes>. Partially way to have all song it really depends. Okay i want the hd lace. Obviously because i want the natural looking scalp. Tell me what is this. Gonna run me my big long red hair with my hd lace with you putting it in. I want the best talking a lease about about a dog dollars. If you want the best well no no. Sorry sorry. I i don't sell here so sometimes i'll want me to source it for me please. Because i want the best. So i'll pay you to find it about good sixteen hundred spending for good quality wig a good installation a good good everyday <unk>. Sixteen hundred. yeah. I i want to know you know. So we're talking about you know you're gonna install this this way and everything you're like all of these these details that you've mentioned you know like finding the right one obviously <unk> installing it correctly which we're going to get you. These are skills that you know you hinted at before like you know you taught yourself this but if i went down the street to the salon they would. They would not necessarily be able to do this. You know this is like this is a very specialized skill. Where are people learning to do. This <hes> i think a lot of people are. Youtube is very big. Very very melodic people from you to <hes>. A lotta hair stylists are doing classes. You know to wear people. Ask me all the time. When are you going to do a class when you do. I wanna learn you know. I do a class class. I haven't done one yet. i'm gonna do one. This yard is gonna be my first year doing class. Yeah <hes>. But i wanted to be perfect. I wanted to be. I don't want it to be anything like everybody else. So i wanted to be original

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