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Still to come in this podcast wanted chinese sperm but only if their party animals syrian activists say that heavy airstrikes on the last rebelheld town in eastern gouta have killed at least thirty two civilians the british based syrian observatory for human rights said dozens of airstrikes had hit the town of duma after negotiations involving the rebel group josh i'll islam on a passage agreement folded here's our middle east analyst alan johnston for years rebelled held a large area on the fringes of damascus a region known as eastern gouta but recently government forces recaptured almost all this anglade only the town of duma remains in rebel hands controlled by a faction called j l islam it seems it's refused a deal under which it would withdraw and be given safe passage to opposition hell territory in northern syria negotiations have ended now duma is again under a tag and the rebels have reportedly shelled civilians in nearby damascus alan johnston to become a sperm donor you have to fit certain criteria your age health and family medical history are often taken into account but a sperm bank in china run by hospital linked to peking university has now also a more unusual requirement on asia pacific editor michael bristow explains well anyone who wants to give has to be politically suitable politically reliable they have to support the communist party leadership they have to be behind the party's future aims you have to be decent people they have to love the socialist motherland after i've no political problems whatsoever to their name quite an unusual idea really because i don't think there's any science behind it of course someone sperm does affect the characteristics of children but i've yet to see any medical evidence which would suggest that you can.

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