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A chance for rain a low of thirty four degrees tomorrow mostly cloudy high of forty seven friday mostly sunny a high of forty eight saturday a rain snow mix a high of forty and on sunday mostly sunny on easter a high of thirty six degrees in waukesha it's fifty two in milwaukee it's forty one degrees opening day is tomorrow in san diego that's for jeff levering is he joins us live on the line hey jeff how you doing i'm doing great thanks just watching some golfers piaf on tori time but it's fantastic enduring a little off before baseball sounds relaxing it does it's a very nice day before the grind starts tomorrow thanks for carving out a little bit of time i picked up the newspaper this morning jeff and it was kind of cool to see that usa today and written two articles on baseball before opening day and one of them was about the brewers written by the big baseball guide ben nightingale about how we have a lot of outfielders we have a lot of first baseman but a lot of focus on expectations for this brewers team that kind of buzzes exciting it really does and and you know what it just means that the brewers are in a really good spot organization wise and rating at the the expectation is really high brewers on deck a christian yelich lorenzo cain are brand new and the outfield is going to be great it's going to be loaded and it's a good problem to have when you have too many guys and not enough physicians for all those great players to play and i just think these guys just ready to go and and stop talking about things and pedal metal and and.

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