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All especially as we think about you know settlement and Clearing, and how do you make an overall ecosystem of investments You know much more robust digital, so that's also really really exciting you know as we as we think about the future and some were. We're continuing to monitor that, but those are kind of really the two major trends. It'll be interesting to see what our technology sort of emerged. But a lot of the things that you know I. Might be more interesting like some of the. Boys based trading boys based investing are they haven't quite taken on the same sort of take rate that I would have expected. People are still very wedded to their mobile phones. WanNa do everything through their phones, and so I think we we re focused more of our efforts. Within the APPS and what can we do with Ai within the APPS? Sort of. A lot of the standalone ecosystems, but you know as I think as opportunities present, themselves will continue to experiment and You know see. Things all too, but I certainly think in terms of things like artificial intelligence There's a lot more legs or the growth and sophistication of artificial intelligence engines. That's a great overview I appreciate that. Well Vj Sankar, thank you so much for taking time on technical today talking about your your role as cio of Td Ameritrade, what you see for the future within the organization a bit about your career path as well. It's been a great conversation. Yeah, thanks so much Peter for having me and look forward to interacting again in the near future. Thanks for tuning in join me on Thursday for a special episode, featuring Alvarado Pombo chief executive officer of PRONTO forms..

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