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The works at the holocaust survivor who fought for bringing justice to nazi war criminals i'm jan johnson and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters as we've been reporting hurricane season continues and now whether systems are worrying residents on three sides of the us national hurricane center says jose may threaten the east coast sometime around wednesday while norma is aiming for mexico's baja california and a new system tropical storm maria is gathering strength in the caribbean the next miles stop for the sp 500 on its trip up the stock charts is three thousand this after the benchmark closed above twenty five hundred for the first time on friday the run for the sp from six hundred seventy six point fifty three the the bear market bottom set on march th of two thousand nine has added almost 1800 points to the annex good for an advance of two hundred sixty nine percent uk lawmakers called for foreign secretary boris johnson be fired this after he wrote a newspaper article that was seen as undercutting prime minister theresa may hey riding in the daily telegraph a day after a failed bomb attack in london johnson who was a big brexit supporter outlined what he called a glorious vision for the uk outside of the block prompting criticism he's undermining may and possibly reviving his own leadership ambitions japanese prime minister shinzo day they may hold a snap general election next month it's a move that would allow him to seize on his opposition's disarray and on growing support for his handling of the north korea crisis public broadcaster nhk reported the news without saying where it got the information to people familiar with the matter essay bahrain says thanks but no thanks in refusing to process bid from qatari investors for its largest ever bond offering bahrain and other countries in the gulf have cut ties with qatar accusing the nation of funding terrorism a charge it denies global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries i'm susanna palmer this this is bloomberg this is news charlie rose on bloomberg radio.

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