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Over on us but it turns out it is all real so this story of Skeleton Island is that the nineteen forties a forest ranger stumbled across this lake high in the Himalayan mountains and it was a little frozen lake that was filled with skeletons it was filled with skulls and bones and I thought maybe this had to do with World War Two and it turns out that the bones had been there for an incredibly long time they've been there for twelve hundred years but no one could be you're out quite what had killed the people in Skeleton Lake and it wasn't until the mid two thousand two thousand five that team went out there they examined the skeleton and the forensic evidence was very odd all of these bones the skeleton that similar injuries which is blunt force trauma the heads and shoulders but nothing that matched with what would have been an attack or a fight that they were just around like pummeled by golf balls exactly and it turns out that there is a folk song in the area that is the story of trespassers from another land and these people were actually travelers they were not local who were struck down by an angry goddess who reigned hailstones hard as iron from the sky and that is the that is the current consensus that the bones in Skeleton Lake were all travellers killed in a freak hailstorm it's just it's kind of one of these things that is hard to even wrap your mind around there it is and they're still up there and you can organize a hike up to the site that's amazing there's also an island in a cemetery in Bali Trenin cemetery that's famous tons of skulls on an island what's that all about again a another example of cultural differences around death but at trending cemetery this small village when a relative dies there can across a a lake on auto ferry ride and they're brought to this place where their bodies are essentially just laid on the ground in little thatched huts little sort of Straw thatched huts and overtime nature does its work and all that's left are the bones of your relatives and then and then these bones are taken up in there act at the base of this Banyan tree kind of reffing injury and you'd think that this might be sort of a gross place because they're our body he's kind of on the ground but in fact the tree itself puts out this like strong spicy sort of sent masks whatever other kind of bad smells would be there in the places it's quite peaceful and meditative and people come and spend time with the relatives there I've got the ashes of my mother in my living room on the shelf and at first I didn't know uncomfortable with that but I am in it's an exercise for us in our culture to not be afraid of death and realize it's part of life just like people in Bali would have this memorial to their loved ones who still are with them You know one of the most interesting sites in Europe is Madame Toussaud's wax salary and today it's a very commercial venture with the Michael Jackson and Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin but originally started out quite historic and it started out as quick a bloody tradition gives them the backstory of Madame Toussaud's Wax Gallery yeah I find this fast because these sort of madam too so wax museums are so touristy and they feel like such tourist traps but her story great Halloween Story and she's in the seventeen sixty s and she grew up with the anatomist stepfather who taught her about bodies anatomical examination and and she took this and and translated at a particularly bloody time in French history which is basically she was there during the French Revolution and supposedly would even wait at the base of the Guillotine for recently beheaded heads to roll down so she could do ladies of them in cast a death masks and then go and turn around and create a wax model of that figure and She had a real sense and a real flair for presentation and it's in one way it's something that connects her original work with these kinds of tourist traps today which is that after doing this work in France she left to kind of make her fortune she went to England and opened up a wax museum that was sort of half horror show half kind of criminals she made wax models of Birkin hair who are famous resurrection.

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