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Else is going on? Well, the first debate of the presidential election is tonight, and analysts don't think it will have much impact on pulling A federal appeals court is temporarily blocking a recent court order requiring Texas to allow straight ticket voting in the November 3rd election. San Antonio Police are investigating a drive by shooting on the city's east side last night that left a man with a gunshot wound to the leg. City officials say. We've made huge strides in battling covert 19, considering we avoided any setbacks from the Labor Day holiday more coming up. W Away I news time 5 52 now traffic and weather together from the fortune dot com Traffic Center. Good morning. Our final two overnight construction projects have now been cleared out of the way. One was on I 35 South bound at Schwab Road. The other was on the exit ramp from Highway 90 eastbound to Leon Creek. If you see any traffic problems called to 10785 26 01 I'm calling Ellis News Radio 1200 W away I This report is sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business advantage right now get up to 90 Days of unlimited free on business plans. When you switch stop by for details, plus taxes and fees complete port within 60 days, customers over 50 gigabytes per month have lower speed, sir. Congestion video at 40 P Unlimited on our network. C t mobile dot com for details. Sonny's guys today highs in the low eighties that way till Thursday, cool in the morning warmer in the afternoon highs tomorrow in the mid operators and highs on Thursday in the upper Eighties were at 56. Degrees coming up in Dallas Cowboys report brought to you by orchard dot com The modern way to buy and sell a home Well, the wildcard.

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