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The promo code to see who's listening and who's buying they keep track keeping your toes. Yeah. They track of how many people, and that's what they do. And then they decide that they want advertise again Brooklyn, and these really are the best sheets ever. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. We got this note from how Durant who says this is how Seattle you have been good enough to play a couple of songs for my band. The almost faithful and the reaction has been fantastic, though, not quite enough to book a tour to Europe. We're seeing some good turn out for shows. We've been got one with cheese Aretha last show. Wow. Anyhow, if I recall Tuesday's normally to Tuesday's on the pond, I have no idea how that short. So I thought I'd sit in two more songs from recently released album, human nature. The first song is called I disappear. The second song which we will play later is quote because it's too Tuesday. Well, it's to win two for Wednesday is big blue dervish both are up tempo. Rocks full of melancholy ruminations of what could fun stuff anyway. So this is the almost fateful you'll hear them. And then you'll hear them at the end of the podcast. Richard Justice them will be dot com. Genius union. So let me get we're going to talk about the hall of fame. Almost exclusively Mariana Rivera went in unanimously. Why didn't you vote against them? If I voted I honestly would have to keep the tradit- said this on the show last night. I would have voted he's getting in. I would've voted against the why didn't you? Lifton the ballots are now made public a week later. And there's a guy named Ryan tip though that he attracts the ballots as they're submitted. You sent him your ballot. And there's pressure to do that. I know a bunch of guys that didn't want the ballots made public, and I just think there's a shaming process to it. So people would say to me, you know, Rivera's going to get in you feel strongly about let's say that Lance Berkman should stay on the ballot. He he didn't get enough to stay on. Why wouldn't you have a strategic bowel? Yeah. No. Because the next day you're going to get a call and this actually happened from dick young when he was alive, the new York Daily News, and it's going to say I'm going to slice you and dice you into a million pieces tomorrow in my column this actually happened. Once a guy that didn't vote for Mickey Mantle got a call from dick young. You don't he said to the guy he said, I just don't believe anybody should go in on the first ballot. Dick young. So there's a shaming process to looks eleven people didn't vote for Babe Ruth when they were counting the ballots in nineteen thirty six they actually stopped the ballot counting. What are we doing out here? Man, come home me. So I will tell you. And I said this on PTI, I think it's a quaint an honorable tradition. It never kept anybody out. And always gave you something to talk about SMARI on Rivera's a first ballot hall. Of course, he is. But I'd have taken the bullet on that one. Just because I. You wanna be that guy? You get the call from say New York, and since you you didn't vote for Tom Seaver? Can you explain that? Well, actually, I can't explain it. All right. So so there's no question that even though this is a relatively new position invented pretty much. Tony LaRussa and Dennis Eckersley that Mariana Rivera's the best ever. So he's in. And nobody would argue that he's the sure thing. Three other people got in yesterday. Edgar Martinez designated hitter. If it was up to me, I think I would have had David Ortiz as the first designated hitter. I put in Mike Messina and ROY halladay, and I'm not sure Richie. I don't know who you voted for. I'm not sure that any of them again. And I say this a lot is it's not the whole of the very good. It's not it's the greatest players of all time Harrow Baynes. He's the Tracy McGrady of the hall of fame in in this. Now, Tracy McGrady should not be in the hall of fame, and you should not. And hell Baynes shouldn't be can't did you vote or do you justify Martinez Messina and halladay? I'm a big hog..

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