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You know, he wouldn't give me certain tape. Right. With fights in him. And bob McGill came out, he goes, what's wrong? I said, that ASL, you know, I'm doing tapes. I'm staying down there for a week. You can't, he goes, I'll see what I can do. Real quick. And so I'm just losing my trip. You're mentioning the next generation of guys. Yeah. When probert came in, he was fighting, fighting everybody, incredible stamina, him Marty mcsorley, Tim hunter had the best stamina I've ever seen. And, you know, he got dropped by Todd Ewing in a game and the first thing he did was come out and fight him. That's the best thing you have to do was come out there and learn to throw with both hinge. And he wasn't the greatest mind wise because I flew to Detroit for exhibition and he was supposed to give me a stick. I'm not a big collector. I had known Barry Melrose, he gave me two years of the adirondack red wings fights. I go into the locker room and one of the guys they sent out Dave Lewis to tell me, you know, you can't be here. So on my way out proper, sometimes it Bobby, you get that stick and goes, oh, just go in there and tell them that I told you to give them the stickers above. Do you think they're going to let me go in there and tell they don't know me? So then I'm talking, I said, what was the fight with McGuire? Like I said, I got it, but I haven't put it on diamond watch the game. I fought him. You know, maybe it was at the end of his time, but the biggest mistake is going back, I went into Windsor. And it's a nice, a nice town. Going back to your home when you're a millionaire or whatever, whatever. And guys saying, you know, what do you do good to get high with us, or too good to do this? You got to push that shit aside. Unfortunately, that was just downfall in my opinion, coming back through the tunnel with open containers with this. I was sick over him over him and Colin Campbell was a close guy to me when he coached. I met him in the T neck when prober and culture were there. And I said, yeah, where's Joey's? I'll ask him when you talk, ask him about his day Rick they're beating that he got. And I said, I'm not like that. I don't talk fights talk to somebody and ask them about their losses. I talk, and he asks about other fights. So colon became a close even when he's with the rangers, giving me the Binghamton tape. He had me write out a scouting report for the whole league on fighters. And they wouldn't give me an NHL pass. Roger Nielsen said, well, we'll give him a ranger golf shirt. What do I want to do with that? Nobody will give me a little arm or came up and go in the Philadelphia lock press room. How can I get some of your fights? It's going to be an NHL pitch. He says, I see you down there. You don't have to, you don't even need a business. When the security guards get a, you know, they don't know me and I don't have a pass until I got an AHL piss from the Springfield owner, I went everywhere. I didn't pay for a game from 90 on up. And not that I was cheap, but when you can get in, you can get in. That's right. And I always used to go to a locker rooms after the game to talk my business and get stuff. I gave a lot of guys tapes down there for other fights and all kind of some people for nothing. I got through to couple times,.

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