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I see comedy drama romance. Yeah it was hilarious. When he barked on faye dunaway away. Or and there's another reason why. I probably never saw this movie. 'cause i didn't pick it up. Because i can't pronouncing his bar fli artfully yet. That's his name. Barfly bar flee the barfly john. Kenneth bahraini calling barkley. Hang on a couple of minutes and you'll see who who good so round nineteen eighty eight. We start seeing stuff like are you mentioned salsa. Yes the forbidden dance. So boaz davidson wrote and directed salsa. I remember seeing that on the shelf and i think this is a lot of these. Were like straight to video and i wonder if they couldn't get these in the theater and so they were dumping them off on video just to try to recoup some of the money that they were losing. Who is the audience for a long badeah. Do you think. I'm not sure. I haven't watched it. And therefore i mean maybe like dirty dancing kind of like a. I mean because i saw dirty dancing a lot but yeah because they said it was okay to watch yet. Another movie about pedophilia. Wait a minute was bay about underage name is baby that which is a little off putting on. I'm sorry i get off on a little trail. I'm completely lost. We're getting to the downfall in nineteen eighty seven nineteen eighty eight. We did have a lot of hits. Eighty six were tiny hits but a lot of ms rice critically acclaimed movies bar fli not so critically acclaimed masters in the news. That was a real real. Stink burger surrender. I thought that was a pretty good movie. I remember surrender with sally field. Michael cain steve. Gutenberg peter doyle jackie cooper ball. Louise lasser julie. Crab ner wow. I don't think i've ever seen that hang on. I gotta get my eyeballs on This is Wealthy writer who has terrible experiences with money. Hungry girlfriends and ex wives pretend to be broke washed up novelists to see if he can get a woman he loves who wants him for himself. Not just for his money written and directed by jerry. Belsen belsen. you know jerry belsen as on student by. That's what i thought. He was also listed as part of the writer for student bodies or the director at one point. That's how i know his name. I got to student riots by using jury. Belsen way back in those a teacher at the school or who was he in student bodies he was the breeder okay toys debris either. I just thought that would bring that up. So so you got a classic movie like surrender with sally field. Michael cain and then you come back and you do death wish for which is by now really an audience but he wants to. I never saw death wish for the crackdown. That's what i'm trying to remember his like. You know i mean. I was into those movies. Anything with like guns and explosions and shit and even those were like just watch die. Hard for the fiftieth timers and around the same time. Nineteen eighty eight. Did braddock missing action. Part three braddock. Not a bad seat doesn't one of those have an exclamation point at the end of it. Or am i thinking of mcclintock or something. No that one has a colon braddock colon missing in action. And you gotta call on. You know it's serious about alien from l a. Oh god that is a punishing kathy ireland written and directed by albert pune. Well who did ha- sword in the sources we did it solved it and also Did cyborg which also you know. Enjoyed. 'em sorry. Not gonna talk about that anymore but really..

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