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You can see where this is going right. Stanley arrived with over seven hundred soldiers and servants and early on they unknowingly encountered the parasites then as they traveled from place to place. They infected the inhabitants of each new community. They met over and over the parasite found new hosts spreading like wildfire with stanley ed holding the match. It wouldn't be until nineteen o three that a microbiologist named david bruce discovered the carrier of the parasite abiding insect called all the seat see fly today. Historians believe that the wave of sleeping sickness that followed stanley's wake contributed to an outbreak that took the lives of millions of people across across africa just in the area around lake victoria alone the parasite was responsible for nearly a quarter of a million deaths which has caused some to talk talk about it within the framework of what's referred to as the revenge of nature that the world around us has a way of keeping humanity in check after all all humans have a history of damaging ecosystems and altering the very landscape of the places we live. Some people believe that parasites are one in way the world exacts revenge true or not. It's certainly invites us to stop and think about the consequences of our actions because sometimes it seems the world around us bites back <music> <music> <music>. There's a hidden world inside each of us a world of about those opinions infected women share that same suspicion and anxiety but also become more outgoing and persistent assistant take from that whatever you want but it's clear that parasites can alter our minds just as well as they do our bodies and maybe maybe that's why parasites are so frightening to us yes the things they can do are horrifying to consider the disease and damage that they can cause but it's there near invisibility that frightens us the most. We might not know that we've been invaded until it's too late and by the time we know there's work to do that. Work has already become overwhelmingly difficult looking back on history. It's that gap between infection and awareness that holds the most opportunity opportunity for tragedy. We certainly saw that in henry stanley's tale it could take weeks for an infected member of his party to show any symptoms at all and by then and fly from each new region had taken a bite picked up the parasites and moved it onto someone else by the time.

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