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Doorman from the hotel across the street. He had to put it the helicopter that his hand. Here's a great piece in his head. Yeah. Great. That was gray like gray and something like reflective on it. And he had him his end because we thinking like somebody in the head. You know, wait a second. So a piece did fall off the Bill. Is that what you're saying? That was pretty widely reported yesterday afternoon that like one piece of wreckage did fall off the top of this building. I saw that somewhere when I was going through right? This guy who like actually saw it, what I wanna do in the next hour or so is see if that doorman is on the job here today and because I had oh my God. Can you imagine can you imagine if these parts started falling off the top of the building, we would add a disaster. Also, this is this. We are in zone under temporary flight restrictions since Trump was elected president, and, you know, things on Twitter and people are talking about this temporary flight restriction, that was well known among pilots like Tim McCormack, and it's likely that he did by late this restricted area because we're so close to Trump Tower and still no word or no indication as to why he was flying north when he should have been playing so, well, you know, we don't know very much at this point, but he may well have if you think about this house. He may well have sacrificed himself by you know, putting that plane on top of the building as opposed to crash. What are you saying that? Because that's something I wasn't. I okay. So I'm seeing that that is a possibility. I'm seeing kind of things being mentioned here or there. And I didn't want to really go there until I was sure. This might not, not nice suicide. I saw somebody call it that I don't I don't think suicide does not strike is no, no, no making a conscious choice to try to hit the building at so that he wouldn't kill anybody on the ground. Yeah. I mean, it's just speculation at this point. But we'll we'll we'll we'll know more as time goes on. All right. WR's Alice Stockton Massini, helicopter, crash midtown. So we had so those video yesterday, and it turns out that there's a connection w award this branch in person video from a lady named Wendy that you've seen and seems to indicate the helicopter in the moments before the crash who knows why she was shooting at that. Time anyway, a Wendy was on with Joe conscie- last night on on W O R tonight. Diving towards the water plant. There was something weird. So I was like let me film this. Okay. So that's why she picked up her her camera and or phone started to film. News, helicopter, you could tell it was a regular tourist type helicopter. It's like all right. This is strange and he'd start diving. I'm like, all right. Take the phone so people and even maybe the blah's Joe talked about that video and says, yes, he believed that that was the actual video of this guy moments before. Because the weather was terrible. It was. Yeah. I mean I just I just got an Email from a listener who stuck a LaGuardia. Now his name is mort. Now he went out for a flight yesterday. He said, tons of flights were cancelled now he's not sure if it had anything to do with the helicopter, not on my guess, is more to do with the weather, right? But more is saying that all these flights this morning. If you're going to are like, overbooked and Delta's offering a grand. Wow. Boom. And it said some come out with their opening offer grand is pretty strong. Wow. That's from Lewis. This guy was an experienced pilot. Yes. So I mean we just don't know could be mechanical failure. But the weather was bad. It could be disoriented. Well, that's one report. I saw that. He seemed to be having issues with the with the helicopter at the hell you try it. Yeah. You look at that video, and it is definitely flying irrationally. Yeah. So, but he I just amazingly he's the only one. I mean this could have been the initial report came out helicopter crash in Times Square and all my God. All kinds of things are going through your mind. But what it turned out to be. Now they've got to figure out what? Okay. All right. When we come back, here's the question on the table should prostitution be legal being considered that here in this state and the victim of the World Trade Center attack has been identified after eighteen years. W O, R traffic..

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