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One hundred thirty eight well reviewing the two thousand twenty one russian grumpy. I'm your host. George chausson joining today. We have phil matthew from the decryption. Podcast elo our and help from the five red lights podcast and jowitt yakub from the hit. The apex podcast out. So let's start with today's race. When a solar hamilton climate is one hundred win in the boys. Fifth win around sachi in the end. He won't by over fifty seconds but phil doctors not tell the story atoll. He had a fantastic bottle today. We've london noise from the majority of the race. And some really make some ground up after pollstar. Yeah it was crazy race for sure georgia. I mean it isn't the usual. It was the usual kind of russian grand prix After the start your s trains and the whole bit but there were so much action that went on it. Was louis trying to get back up after the block Okay not a great start. Got back up. Got blocked came back. Having to do all that max or stop incoming from tailback you have landau in and carlos battling each other carlos having to pit and starting the whole well heat start started but it started that whole train of guys with the undercuts and how that affected the race. I mean it was. It was really an interesting race. It was not what most people assume expected including me I also didn't expect lewis on the way things were going this weekend to get this victory. I kinda by think. I'd set it on my show or anything. I might have started here jokingly that it's like oh yeah lewis was probably going to go and get number one hundred mother russia while he did but it wasn't straightforward In you could tell that it. I mean it hasn't sunk in of course it's too early But you know what he had to do. A brace against landau. He caught him on dry tyres but couldn't get past the same way he struggled behind daniel ricardo earlier in the race and then that rain really Just threw the dice. Dice roll in bano and company made the right call and gave louis the opportunity to get those inner enters and go get that one hundred victory which was unbelievable to say the least it really was. I couldn't believe my eyes while i was saying this race. It was it was something else. I must have really hard to what they obviously qualified full at work his way out from our. I think you safe something about behind ricardo in the early stages. The pace sean. Through in the end the ended up catching londonorce and eight. Didn't want to come in. He didn't want to come in for the intimate ties but mercedes. They insisted on it. It made the right call jared. That was that was crucial to the race of the end of the day and it's and his massive hamilton kasese back in the championship. Lead again yet to point swing in hamilton's favor off an yeah you say mercedes might the rod coal at the end of the day in hamilton. Didn't wanna come in. but it was. What got them to win..

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