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Table and say Hello to the gentlem-. Even go to buddy pariah, Whitney I with dog. What's going on? What up? What up does how you guys doing? All right. All right next. We'll go to Paul Bissonnette business deal in the desert. It's up brother looking forward to hearing about these fucking gambling picks all-race stay hot body five night, making me rich or I'll try in boy, Mikey Grenell. Producer down to yuck. What's going on boys to sabres have won ten straight? I have little proposal for you guys later. But I know we're going to get to the sabres later. So I'll wait. Yeah. We'll get to the same huge ten wins in a row. I think they've only cover the puck by twice in those ten games, but still making money elsewhere. But the big news since I last show Ronnie Hextall shit canned as the general manager of the Philadelphia. Flyers people thought it was going to be the coach to go. I was the GM. So would say you biz jut take on the old fire and hit. I mean, I'll say this. I was a little shocked that he went before before the head coach. And the reason I say that is because like I feel like David symbol the pretty good roster. Like you go down there officers. Ru Turia Vora check connect knee Simmons like their top six are very good. They got some decent bottom. Six Jordan wheels guy play with. I think he's a really good third line center. Their back ends good. I mean, I mean the one the one issue in goal. I mean that's been like forever for Philadelphia Flyers. I just I like I said I'm just shocked that it wasn't the coach I and that's nothing against him. But just like I mean, it's his job to to get the boys going. But hey, I think I think the organization wanted to shake things up a little bit maybe to get the boys going. But then fuck man, they followed up with a brutal loss to Ottawa who came in there, and then and shook him up. Yeah. That was I mean, you know, Ron hacksaw sitting there. He's loving that. Blowing a lead against the senators losing four three busy. I think you're right. I mean, I think a lot of people thought hack school would be gone before Ron Hextall was. I mean in a sense he it was up to Hextall. He wanted to get rid of him. He could of but he really stuck to his guns. He yet a lot of trust in in Dave hack, stall. And that turned out to be. I mean, I guess the wrong decision. I mean, he's probably looking at right now, if I'd gotten rid of him, I would at least still have my job in other years, she if we end up getting into the playoffs, but you you said it before and we've said it on this on this podcast. It's it's goaltending. Ironically, Ron Hextall one of the great fires goalies shadow to winning the const my for playoff MVP when he didn't win the Stanley Cup. A goalie ended up not having a goal is what ended up really kind of killing him. And they haven't had one in thirty five years. It seems like and because of that it's just a team that never has consistency. You can't win in the NHL without a goal. You can't win and major league baseball pitching. And the NFL though to quarterback. It's it's the one key position that if you don't have it you may win some games on offense. You may get into the playoffs. But you're never going to win the Cup. You're never going to get it done. You know win that ultimate goal..

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