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Hey is think. He rap vocalist. Okay you're right you're right. Yes but i mean. I'm literally watch i'm like what is the bt 's okay. Okay so i have been seeing that all on the internet. Buffet comedy behind the scenes. Do you. I was getting ready to face. I'm you good. No on the phone. Who is allies. She knows where does it. Bts please because. I don't know any of this is happening here. That's a behind the scenes. That's what i can tell you. But i have a question she doing now. All of us want to interrupt. When i don't now she don't wanna come actually wanted nash. She don't want it breath dancing. Don't wanna be on now. Hi question for do you know. Do you know what it is kind of singing group. Okay okay each day asian ochre. They're asian they're of asian descent. White all okay. Alright own every little like the color. White air but were not avid glowing. Who do you know what they see. Jesus saying she's been you know. Listen to their music do you. Listen listen to black. Paint was a black pink black girls where they are they. Asian she pointed at the airpods cases glowing. Okay all right. I think you answered all the questions. Thank you so much okay..

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