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Get involved correct me if I'm wrong more often in open seats but you also haven't been afraid to to challenge Republicans in primaries right this your strategy change now the Democrats are in control of the house of representatives are you defending more seats are you attacking more seats at the White House yeah that's that's a very good insight we still kind of reserve that that if there ever publican is acting more like a Democrat and there's a good free market conservatives will challenge a sitting incumbent but what we looked at this race is the goal of getting more pro growth candidates into the Republican conference so we started with open seats where there were Republican retirees and what about the normal phase for that we've identified some really good potential candidates there then we looked at Democrat seats where Democrats one but trump had carried the district that's a great challenge of race right because the the turnout will be more balanced and a Republican has a chance to win so will engage in the primary to get a pro growth candidate a good one who can carry that and we have had to be on the defensive and a couple races you know the Democrats have their target list of sitting Republicans that they think are still vulnerable one of them that we is a great candidate we think is going to win but he is going to be a tough race is Scott Perry in Pennsylvania so we've got a mix of all of those are one of my favorite races is gonna be the Virginia seven for Dave Pratt lost the Democrats have a strong incumbent at we've identified a very strong potential candidate there Nick Freda's and believe that it could be a bellwether of whether Republicans can in fact get the majority back who are some Republicans that you think are acting more like Democrats it will you you look at some of them are retiring but one of them is the least defining who who's been put in charge of recruiting but you look at her voting record and she'll lines much more closely with the Democrats in Congress than with the majority of the Republican conference she's a likable person people and in the conference like her but her voting record really is not that strong in terms of records any put out a a score card on members of Congress Justin Amash independent is somebody who has a ninety nine percent record with the club for growth on on the things that you score are you gonna be supporting him and in twenty twenty yeah and you're right Justin has a great record on our economic issues he basically made a political misstep in calling for president impeachment I think he's wrong on the merits on that but also that means I don't think he's a viable candidate than that so we we look for ideology are they committed to pro growth agenda and are they electable this is news makers on C-SPAN radio the guest is David McIntosh president of club for growth we have five minutes left in our interview president trump held a rally this past week in New Hampshire you talked up the potential a Senate candidacy of his former aide Corey Lewandowski and I was wondering for Corey Lewandowski enter that Centereach New Hampshire does he represent the kind of candid of the club for growth would support we haven't met with Korean and and we're going to and we'll find out after that interview I'd like to see what he's going to campaign on is it going to be fiscal conservative issues or is it going to be some of the social issues that we don't engage in one of the things that I find appealing about that is it would put the Democrats on defense in a Senate race everybody assumed was not going to be a race this year as when you think about it's always better to be on offense and defense and potentially Corey could achieve that up in New Hampshire if I didn't give it to me one sentence their question it that will ask you put on your other hat York a co founder of the federalist society what is the mix here of economic issues social issues the Supreme Court was a very animating force in president trump's election the first time around he put out a list of these are the kinds of Supreme Court justices I'm going to nominate is this still this reelection effort can that issue still propel his base to the polls or do you need to make the the economic argument that you've been making for us today right so the conventional wisdom is that if the economy strong the president be reelected right and that that is there's data going way back for a couple of decades multiple decades but that's the case so the economic issues always really significant important in the election but your point is a good one the Cork became a symbol on a lot of the social issues of because the court had driven issues on marriage issues on life that those the ones we don't engage in and the club for growth but I think president trump successfully harnessed that conservative momentum by taking really good potential justices and campaigning on that I see that happening again I I would project that one he'll want to make that another issue plus I suspect the Democrats will want to make their view a central part of the campaign given what happened on on the last Supreme Court nomination where you saw a very stark divide between the parties not about competence and it ended up being about a character assassination but in the end I think the Democrats justify character assassination because they didn't want the principle of a conservative justice on the court and that will show issues or or what kind of of business this it what kind of business this is yeah is it from a by the way we do engage on on confirmations because the lot of business decisions are at stake regulating the internet right in the in the court's going to decide to set up and use of government power to nationalize industries which some of the Democrats are calling for the those could be brokered a decided by the Supreme Court it goes beyond social issues and then it's also about on this who decides in our system do we want to have a constitutional system we've had where decisions certain are mostly done in the elected branches and the court you know as the Chief Justice says coal strike some walls word you want to go what the Democrats in the past of one and is a court that acts more like a super legislature to enact progressive socialist whatever you want whenever you want to do legislation that isn't doesn't have a majority support that's really what the court comes down to who are we gonna have separation of powers and a constitutional government that limits what the court does or do we go back door go towards an era where the court becomes this super legislature that's insulated from politics conservatives overgrowth federal society strongly believe the role of the court is limited to interpreting the laws and not making it if there's an opening on the Supreme Court next year should Mitch McConnell moved to fill out any sort of vacancy with the presence of nomination yes absolutely if the if the president has an opportunity to fill that vacancy he should do it pick a strong nominee and the Senate to do its work to confirm that for me one more question each even vault in the concert of moving for some time one of the most prominent conservative groups the NRA has been going through a lot of turmoil recently and I was just wondering I know you're on the outside of this but do you believe the needs be a shake up at the NRA and how much trouble in what is the future of the NRA at this point you know the the NRA's stands for values it is central to conservatism right it's the second amendment but fidelity to constitutional liberties and freedom I think they're going to get through this season and emerge as a very strong organization certainly from the outside I wouldn't want to be suggesting what they do or how they do it that that's something that's up to them they're bored the president but I have confidence they'll be able to get through that and and be a very strong organization one issue we haven't that's our talk about is immigration which I know is in a sort of course you from the club for growth but conservatives have in the past it especially economic conservatives conservatives business oriented Republicans have wanted you know strong immigration to to help feel the labor pool where do you see the current immigration environment in in is there room for still yet we've been waiting you know for a decade for some sort of comprehensive immigration reform that would reconcile these different interests that even people on the on the right side of the spectrum and you're right the club for growth stays out of the immigration debate in large part our members are divided in in the way you described it some believe in robust immigration at market for labor others believe it's more a national security issue the wall and that represents that so we don't take a position on that one way or the other the most interesting thing I've seen as an observer on this issue were remarks the president made recently that he was actually in favor of robust legal immigration but wanted to stop illegal immigration that's sort of a I was not really a compromise it's a different way of looking at that issue that gets beyond the current rhetoric of good or bad Waller no wall it puts together a more coherent approach that recognizes legal immigration is good for the country I was fascinated when I heard him say that and I think it could end up changing the dynamic of that issue your members are are divided on the immigration issue you don't take a position on it are there other issues where you take that same approach that they're divided on I'm yes the end it's less a division than just the discipline to stay on the economic issues we don't engage in social issues and marriage issues right to life issues in that from the founding of the club for growth and we're very careful to make sure we don't engage on those issues for example there a couple of gay Republicans who have very good records on economic issues my view is the club for growth can be very comfortable in North thing someone like that if they if they're the candidate who can win the race so we we at on the other hand as you know a lot of our candidates are very strong pro life champions and we're happy that what they do on the economic issue and they conclude that whole spectrum of conservative visit issues is what they care about we'll have to end it there David McIntosh president of the club for growth thanks for being our newsmaker this week it's great to be with you as always the moderator is C. span's John McCardell and now we continue with the round table portion of our program where with Alex Eisenstaedt of politico great quality of Bloomberg news outside is that the clippers growth known for its heavy spending on its packs and and super pacs what stuck out from you from what Mister McIntosh said about the the club's strategy for twenty twenty brother was kind of interesting what was that he was talking about the.

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